PWC Tax - Human Resources Consulting


Hi guys

Just wondering if anyone has been accepted into this intake.

I have an AC coming up at Uxbridge and wasn’t sure how much knowledge of this particular service line of their Tax division is expected of me at the manager and partner interviews. Would their questions be a bit more general? e.g. “why tax?” instead of “why human resources consulting?”

Would be grateful if HRS grads could share their experiences!



Have you had the AC yet? Probably so, but if not, know as much as you can about HRS. It’s good to know about tax generally, but the more specific you can be, the better!!

Good luck! HRS is a really good team to go into, you get a LOT of client exposure at a really early stage (if that’s your thing). There’s a whole booklet online about HRS and the services they provide if you want to get a better idea of how HRS differs from general tax and the kind of issues affecting the area.

Good luck!