PWC TAX first interview


Just thought i would post my experience and the questions i got asked when attending a first interview for PWC in tax. ( in no particular order)

-Tell me abit about yourself…how you chose your university…why you chose your degree.
-What do you know about the ACA qualification.
-Tell me about a time you were given feedback that you didnt entirely agree with, or when you were expecting better feedback than you were given.
-Tell me about a time you worked within a team and it didnt go to plan.
-What are the current factore affecting tax.
-What makes PWC unique compared to its competitors.
-What does it mean by giving a professional service.
-when have you had to modify the way you went about doing something.
-When have you had to give negative feedback or change the way someone has done something.
-Tell me about a time you have had to change someones opinion or persuade someone to change their mind.
-What is good client service and what does it mean to you.
-How do you keep up to date with current affairs.
-Tell me about a news article that is currently of interest to you, and what do you think about it.
-Why do you want to join tax? Why not audit or assurance.
-How do you manage your time when you have a lot of work committments, for example preparing for exams.
-What is your method for revision.
-How has this method changed throughout your education.
-How do you feel your university exams have gone.
-Why do you want to work in this location.
-What does professional client service mean to you.

Hope this helps someone. I have found this sight very useful when preparing for interviews!


Thank you !


I have a first a/c day coming up so this will be a great help…many thanks.

Also, what sort of questions came up regarding the client you recommended in the application form?


mezi05 - i had no questions in my interview about the ideal client i wrote about on my application form.


I assume you mean you have your first interview coming up.

I got asked to explain my choice for my ideal client. I’d chosen Iceland and I don’t know why because it’s really hard to talk about, so I related it to how PwC audit Tesco and Sainsburys and so PwC have the experience to help Iceland to improve. After that she didn’t really know what else to ask about Iceland, so she moved the conversation on to Tesco which was a bit easier to talk about. But beware that it’s possible that they start asking you about any other company you happen to mention.


Thank you! That’s really helpful!


hey zabade
was this headstart tax??? cause thats wht i applied for
i have sent my application… 6 working days have past and no reply…? i am soo worried…
aftr online test is it the interview… can u plz share your group excercise… and final interview as well… thanks a million…


nabilamisha - This wasnt headstart tax it was just general tax. Dont worry if you haven’t heard from them yet. Give it another week or so and then maybe email them. I still havent had my assessment day yet, so cant help there, sorry!


Hi nabilamisha ,
Do not worry, they have loads of applications to deal with at the moment and for me it took them a month to get back to me (also because there was christmas in btw)
Good luck!


thanks for the reply!! Appreciated !! zebadee and vorzan…


was that corporate tax or the HR consulting tax you applied for? I have my face to face interview in 2 days, i am so nervous…thanks for all the info tho its really helpful !!!