PWC Tax 2012- Commercial Awareness


Hi i have a telephone Interview coming up and am fine with the competencies that may come up however i am really struggling to find a commercial awareness topic to talk about relating to tax. Does anyone have any ideas please?






Personally, I didnt get asked any about commercial awareness questions. But if you’re applying for tax, I think you ought to get a good handle on the EU debt crisis and the European Fiscal Union. Have a look in Bloomberg or Wikipedia.


Thanks mate i’l have a look, What program did you apply for and what sort of questions did you get asked mate?



Hi, I also have a telephone interview for PwC coming up and for commercial awareness (which I’m stressing about!), I was thinking of talking about online games developers (primarily Zynga, developer of Cityville) and their advantages / disadvantages over traditional console games developers.

Also, as it’s for s tax internship, I’ve read that countries such as China and South Korea are implementing taxing the sales of virtual goods with real money, so I could talk about the new tax issues thar would affect these developers. FInally I could mention how PwC could help their company.

Does anyone think this’ll be ok?




I don’t know much about Zynga, but if you know about the business issues they’re dealing with right now, it’ll be as good a topic as any. I think it’s also a good idea to mention soemthing tax related (as you said). I haven’t heard much about taxing virtual goods, i’ll probably look into it now because that actually sounds really good. The virtual/online industry is one that is growing rapidly and PwC can surely tap into this market.

I think those topics are good, but you just have to make sure you know the important details. Say why you’re interested (which should also give a reason why PwC would be interested).


Thanks Hanif_92 for your advice!

I had my interview today, and in the end I chose to choose a different topic as although this issue was in the December 2011 issue of the Economist, I couldn’t find any other news articles later than 2009!

I chose to talk about the International Airlines Group and their critiscisms of Air Passenger Duty tax. I felt this was much better and I generally answered everything I was asked. The worst part I think was how I ended the interview, after I’d thanked the interviewer and she’d just said bye, I said “Goodbye,… bye…” Cringe!


Haha, I don’t think that’ll matter too much. You shoudl hear back soon, they gie really thorough feedback, so you know what to work on. It gives you something to say is a weakness of yours in your final interviewer too.


Hey guys I have an interview coming up soon. Can u plz help me on tax questions what they ask. Do I really need to prepare on commercial awareness issues