PwC Tax 1st interview


Hi, I have a first round interview for grad tax position with PwC tomorrow and wondered if anyone had any helpful tips. I’ve had a look at previous posts and they’ve been realy useful, thanks.

I’m not from an accountancy background so wondered what sort of depth of knowledge you’re expected to have about all things accountancy related. I know about Sarbox and IFRS well enough, I think, although as I understand it they’re not terribly recent issues (although I imagine there’s still a degree of advice needed re conversion to IFRS and ongoing advisory needs on its integration!?).

Are they likely to ask about issues affecting accountancy generally or more specifically to tax? I could probably talk more about recent tax issues (the budget, G20’s stance on tax havens etc) than issues affecting, say, audit.

Also, I’ve been told the name of te person interviewing me but wondered whether anyone knows whether it’ll be a one-on-one interview of whether it’ll be that person and a HR rep?

From what I’ve read this round is really competency based, is that right?

Any advice on, basically, anything that might help would be great. This is my first interview for a position that’s not directly related to me degree subject, so I’m finding it a bit daunting.

Oh, and also, does anyone have any good links/advice on what the tax dept/trainees therein would do on a day-to-day basis and any general info on how the ACA is structured etc. I’ve read up on these matters on here but just wasn’t sure if that gives me the depth of info I’m expected to know?