PwC Summer Internship 2014 thread



Just wondering, do you have a better chance getting into London Satelite than Central London?

Secondly, I’ve read that tests at the AC are harder than the ones you do online, how much harder and how is it best to prepare?



Does anyone know why there isn’t an Assurance position in London listed online? There’s only Risk Assurance/Assurance and something else. Have so many people applied already that it’s gone? They have just opened the Central London ones this morning as far as I know…


You have roughly the same chance of getting in to each office. More people apply to Central London and there are more places available, less people apply to other offices and there are less places available.

The Assessment Centre tests are indeed usually more difficult than the online tests, I’d say the best way to prepare is to do a range of a tests from a range of different providers. The tests still aren’t too difficult, as long as you practice you should still be okay.


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