PWC Summer Internship 2014- Have an Offer



I have been offered a Summer Internship in assurance in Edinburgh in 2014. If anyone has any questions at all, just ask away.


hi micheal, congratulations for offer! Have my AC coming this week. Found it difficult to prepare. So would like to ask how did you prepare for that? Any experience or tip would be appreciate! Many thanks!


There is not a huge amount of preparation you can do for the AC. Make sure you are really confident with the psychometric tests as they are really time pressured in the AC. In the written exercise, make sure you do a conclusion regardless of how much you get done. In the group exercise make sure you are seen to be listening (nod and ask questions) and try to speak first to get noticed.
Good luck with the AC!


Hi micheal,

When was your final interview? And how long did it take for them to get back to you with the offer?



Hi michael,

What kind of questions did they ask for the phone interview? I have mine coming up in a few days!