PwC Summer Internship 2010 in Audit (or any service line)


Hello all,

Would anyone be kind enough to shed some light on the application process for this position? Is anyone currently going through the process or can anyone speak from experience please? I may have my first interview coming up shortly so would be great to know something or other about it!

Thanks a bunch guys!




Hey Luue,

The PwC internship recruitment exercise is the same as the graduate recruitment. My advice to anyone who has an interview:

  1. Print all the post on wikijob relating to PwC. You cannot go wrong. Everything is on here.
  2. Print all the pages on the PWC careers website…regarding the application process.
  3. Go to and choose the practice tab and select audit and read as much as possible on the stories. that will build your confidence.

Hope this helps.


Very true, nothing else to say.