PwC Strategy Online Tests


Hi folks,

I was just wondering if anyone knows what PwC “Logical Reasoning Test” consists of. Initially I thought it was the same as a verbal reasoning test, but given the description by PwC, I don’t think it is:

“The logical reasoning test examines your ability to reason with data presented diagrammatically, to infer rules and procedures and solve problems, which require systematic and analytical thought.”

If anybody has sat the online PwC tests for Strategy Consulting (which I think are different from other service areas at PwC), could they please let me know what to expect and if they know of a website where I can practice “Logical Reasoning”-type questions (I already have plenty of numerical reasoning stuff).




Oh gosh!
I hate this type of tests, I did not know they were given by the PwC.

Well, the only one I took was the one for standard chartered bank where you need to complete a set of shapes
with the next logical shape…usually, the shape to fill in can be anywhere in the set.

I got the SC test right somehow without prep, but I am sure there must be something out there if you google “non-verbal reasoning” or
something like that.

And also, there must be a practice test from PwC itself, at least you will get to see the type of questions being asked.

Good luck!

Is this the first test which you got from PwC? Will there be more online tests once you complete this one?



Thanks hazelground, you might be right, it could be shape-related, though I don’t really know what that has to do with strategy consulting! The first test I have to do is a numerical test. Once I (hopefully) pass that one they give you the logical reasoning one as far as I know. Then there is one more called the student talent questionnaire, but I have no idea what that is. And all that before you get an interview. Stressful stuff…


student talent questionnaire???

OMG! that can be the toughest to pass at times!
Be careful and do let me know what type of questions they ask you there :slight_smile:

also, is the numerical test SHL?

do you need to take a verbal test too?



What the hell! Do these companies think we are looking to join Mensa???



hey hey! long time!
How is it going? did you apply for PwC as well? this thing seems damn tough :))


Hey hazelground!

I feel like we’re the best of friends! I know we’d get along swell. :slight_smile:

Yes, I am in the process of doing PwC. I am just trying to write the 500 word which company should PwC advise and why… UGH.

Have you done that yet?




Yes, I did it…i submitted my application last week for economics consulting…and yourself?

The 500-word case study is so different from any other firms, even consulting firms, i was quite worried about it
because i wanted to customise my case for economics…which, given my nil experience as an economist,
took me ages!!! A real brain griller! :(( :((

hope your case is going smoothly…
did you apply to other consulting firms as well?

I am applying to deloitte and perhaps kpmg…



The test is based on SHL as far as I know, yeah. I don’t think there is a verbal test - that one is replaced by the “logical reasoning test” in this case. I have emailed PwC asking them to clarify what it means so hopefully I can clarify for you in the coming days whether it is shape-based or not.


Oh thanks a lot!!!

do let me know the format of the logical in case you find out something…
although i can only dream of this currently…not heard anything yet after submitting my application :((

good luck!


Hey Everyone,

I took the SHL Logic test for UBS and I think it is similar.

UGH there are too many shapes to look at so it’s a bit difficult. It’s gave me seizures.




I hope your eyes proved resistant enough to allow you to pass the test, huh???

i took that too and i think you can get used to the shapes but it IS tiring! that’s why I hate this kind of tests…


Why can’t they just have dinner with us hazelground?

They would fall in love with us.

HR… the bane of the human world.


LOL…I completely agree, we would make the nicest employees to have ;))

what I’ve learnt about the HR is that they play power games with you before joining the company,
however, once you are inside, their role is so much diminished…they know that and therefore always
try to enjoy the first part to the fullest at our expense of course :slight_smile:



For examples of logical reasoning tests you can look on the PSL website - practice logical reasoning test.

It’s a kind of IQ test or something…



Thanks to everyone for their help and suggestions. I just finished doing the online tests so I thought I would let you know how I found them. The numerical test wasn’t too bad, a lot easier than the one that’s on the SHL site. Just be careful with timing. The logical reasoning was harder than I expected though, and it gets progressively harder towards the end. Just to clarify, it is shape-based. The student talent questionnaire is not easy nor difficult. There are no right answers in isolation, they are just trying to get a better picture of what kind of person you are. Key things to think about when answering questions are your assertiveness, who you should talk to in a chain of command, and the dilemma between doing what is right for your personal development vs. doing what the company needs right now.

Hope this helps.

P.S. can anybody tell me how long it takes to get a decision following taking these tests?



Hey Everyone,

I just found out PwC UK got 15,000 applications thus far for 1,000 graduate positions.

Aldi… yes Aldi has 130 graduate positions open. Guess how many applications they got… 22,000!!! WTF!!!


these figures bring tears in my eyes…i guess no chance for me in economics consulting at PwC?

hey messierchippy, what on earth are we going to do now??

any suggestions? :))


There’s always porno. LOL.

Seriously, 2009 seriously sucks for us. And guess what HR will say when we land a job…

oh why didn’t you do anything in 2009…?

My answer… r u stupid?? what planet were you living on?


hahahahaha…nice shot!

did you eventually submit your app to PwC?
In fact they contacted me yesterday to let me know that they have started looking at my application
but it was incomplete. So they asked extra details from me.

Not sure if that’s a bad or good sign…I hope they wont press “reject” soon :((