PwC Strategy Consulting Second Round


Hi All,

I have an upcoming experienced hire interview at PwC strategy consulting group comprising of 2 one hour case study interviews. Has anybody faced such an interview or can give me guidance on the kind of case studies and how I should prepare for them? Any guidance will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



I just saw your post - when is your interview? Mine is next week also comprising of 2 one hour case study interviews. If you already had your interview, I would love to hear from you. I am sorry, I am not much of help so far.

Thank you!


Hi there,

How did the interview go?
Have you got anything to share regarding the process and/or format of the interview and case?


Hi - happy to do so! Generally, if you keep your nerves, it is manageable. There were 2 one hour case studies - one in the plastic sector and one in the racking system followed by a partner interview.

You get a few pages of a real company case with a problem. It includes market sizing, graphs of their performance, spend structure, comments made by experts who have been interviewed etc. . You have 15 min. time to read it and answer relevant questions. As usual calculations are in their billions, so make sure you don’t get the 0’s wrong.

Hope this is of help.


Just saw this thread - I remember seeing that in another forum - in fact, I wrote that. Happy for it to be here, but I wasn’t aware wikijobs does a bit of copy and paste work…