PwC Strategy consulting interview


Hi guys

I’ve got an interview at PWC coming up for strategy consulting…was just wondering if anyone knows what to expect…i know what the format is, but if any of you have any specific info (eg type of case studies) that would be really helpful…



hi i’ve got one too (coming up this week). When’s yours? :slight_smile:


hi there,

mine is tomorrow! yours? do you know any more than the info theyve provided?!


brilliant! lol
mine’s tomorrow as well! at 10 am. How about you??
I know that the numerical test is 20 questions in 30 mins. So that’s about 90 seconds per question. I’ve heard it’s harder than the online test. gulp!
How about you? do you know anything not already given?


Could you please share your experience of the Strat consulting interview?
Also, In case, I guess you two might already be working there, then can you also give pointers as to how many grads do they hire in strat consulting?