PwC Starting Salaries 2017


Having applied for the PwC grad scheme, I’ve been looking into their starting salaries.

From what I can see from my research, they seem to be around £30,000 per year for London, and around £25,000 elsewhere for a standard audit graduate position.

The benefits also seem to be fairly generous at first glance; they have good reviews for their sick pay, benefits packages and so on.

I’d like to know if any of you have experience or know anything more about PwC’s starting salaries, leave, benefits, season ticket loan, pension scheme and all of that.


Hi there,

Yes you’re right. For all of the Big4 it is roughly £30k for a London salary. This does drop slightly outside of London due to reduced living expenses.
I believe currently, the PwC starting London base salary specifically is around £27.5k. Then it will be bumped up closer to £30k with the benefits. You get a standard 25 days holiday, however you can buy or sell holiday (buy up to c. 35 and sell down to c. 20); in this case you will get slightly less/ more base salary depending on what you choose.
The pension scheme is quite good, I think currently they match the amount you put in up to c.4%. Then also private medical as a standard and options for various insurances, bike schemes, dental etc.
There is also an option for you to have a season ticket loan and an interest free loan (up to £7k) as a graduate.

Hope this helps!


Is it gross or net ?