PwC Start to finish -Assurance - Regional - Leeds


Hey. This site was invaluable in preparing for all stages of the interviews. I can remember and noted down specifics of everything at every stage.

If anyone has any questions that haven’t been answered I’m very happy to repay the help I’ve had from this site and will answer ASAP.



what is the interview like? ive got an assurances interview (public sector) next week…



Which interview specificaly? First or second? Is there any particular aspect you would like to know about that isn’t covered in the London post above?


First stage interview. My understanding is that the process is

  • application
  • online tests
  • interview
  • assessment centre

is this correct? I am at the interview stage. Is the interview a competency based interview? How much commerical / sector knowledge is desired / expected? What sort of questions do they ask?


Thats right.

In my first stage interview there was a good ammount of commercial questioning in the less formal chat but the vast majority of the interview was focussed on competency based questions.

If you were to grab a couple of copies of The Economist and read The Times / Google News Business section for a week or so you should be fine. I think I was probably over prepared as far as commercial knowledge was concerned.

I was asked questions like,

“Tell me a about a particular company you have had an interest in recently and why has it interested you?”

I was asked about the ACA and the feedback I received was that knowing about individual exams, course structure and ammount of time I would be expected to study etc. was well received.


As yours is publuic sector I would be reading news from government inspectorates such as the Audit Commission.


thank you. this is really appreciated. I’ve spoken to others who’ve recently had first round pwc interviews, and they mentioned that there is quite alot of commercial awareness expected of you. but you say this makes up for the ‘informal’ part of the assessment. i’ll take your advice and get busy reading - thank you :slight_smile:


I’m applying for an assurance role in Leeds. Do you know if they have jobs starting in September? Also, may I ask what the salary is? Thank you.



I’m in the process of applying to PwC. What would you recommend me putting down for the business awareness question? Are there particular business areas they favor over others?

Would be grateful for any help!