PwC start dates


Hi. I just wondered if anyone knows what the September start dates for PwC London are? I only got my offer about a month ago and havn’t had any documentation etc really since accepting the offer, not even confirmation that my vetting etc has gone through properly or that I’ve got into the industry I chose.

Can anyone tell me whether this is normal or whether I should start chasing up for confirmation of this sort of thing?


Oh - and I’m tax, incase that’s relevant.


Hi Digby,
I have been told it will be the 7th or the 14th September when i received my offer phone call. I think they are still finalising the start dates. How long did you have to wait for your contract to arrive? I have been waiting over a week for mine now, is it usually this long? Im thinking about calling them, but may just wait until Monday.

I think it would be a good idea to call them, as they are usually quite good at keeping you informed.

How does the vetting process work? Do they contact your education institutions or in the case of A Level results, do they contact the exam boards?


Hi Ben. Ah ok, I’m hoping they’ll send out all the joining info along with the salary confirmation as I don’t want to be having to do all the pre-joining admin at the last minute.

Do you mean it’s been a week since your offer phonecall? I got my offer pack through straight away (the next day, I think) after getting the phonecall. That contained the employment manual with details of all the contractual provisions - but I don’t think I’ve had a contract that I’ve had to sign and send back yet. I’ve not really had anything since sending back all the forms for vetting etc. Are you at the same stage?

Re vetting, I honestly have no idea who they contact/what they ask. I know my most recent employer hasn’t been contacted yet (she’s also my referee so this seems a bit odd). I would imagine they just verify your degree/a-level grades and then get your references.

Are you starting in London too?


Yes its been a week since i received my offer phone call and i haven’t received anything through the post, no offer pack or contract. Definitely going to call them on Monday now!

Maybe they are still in the process of verifying your qualifications, hence your previous employer hasn’t heard from PwC or maybe they haven’t got round to you in the queue? I’m sure they have boat loads of references to get done.

I will be working in Gatwick office. So you have accepted their offer prior to them confirming your salary? I thought they would have provided you with a figure in your initial offer pack?


I wouldn’t worry too much as they’re bound to be stupidly busy at this time of year! Don’t fret too much but it’s worth giving them a call just to make sure your pack hasn’t got lost somewhere!

I got details of last year’s reward package in my offer pack, but they’ve recently reviewed it (I think they do salary reviews every June) so are sending confirmation.


Yeah I agree with Digby, they do take a little while to get back to you