PwC: South East Office Compared to London


Is it too bad to work in South East office than London in terms of salaries and size of clients?


Hi there,

So, a few notes so you can decide your stance on which office you want to be in!

  • Yes, the SE offices are smaller - some people like this as: it is more intimate, less competitive in terms of promotion, possibly slightly more reasonable working hours and on a personal level less expensive to live!
  • The clients you have by nature will be smaller - however, note that a lot of the large firms based in London have offices or even their HQs in areas outside London. You may have opportunities to work on these clients and alongside or supporting the London teams
  • The salary in the London office is more - I believe roughly you get an £8k extra living expensive for being in the London office. HOWEVER, remember that it is considerably more expensive to live in London, and truthfully you probably won’t be better off for the extra £8k!
  • Other advantages of being in the London office are the contacts - the office is big and therefore there are more opportunities to network and move around and get to know everyone. Having said that, if you are pro-active enough you can do this from any office! There are lots of networking events, you can sign up for different seminars etc. Also, many of the larger training sessions are done in conjunction with the London office and so as you are fairly close by you will get to meet people!
  • Finally, have a think about what you want to do after training! For example, there are obviously a lot more opportunities, especially in Banking within London, and so that is something to think about. It may be easier to start there as you mean to go on!

Good luck! I hope this is helpful.