PwC Shadow a Female Leader Phone Interview



I have been invited for a telephone interview for Shadow a Female Leader at PwC.
Any help/tips on the questions ?



Hey, I was just wondering if you have any tips/advice for the telephone interview for shadow a female leader? Thank you!


It will be a competency interview.
Just prepare a few examples on adapting different work culture, someone questioning your integrity, teamwork, etc.

Also the regular bits like why this program , why this location and also just read through the services PwC offers.

You will be fine. Just listen to the question and answer correctly after understanding it at the first place.

They will tell you the outcome of the interview the next day!

Good luck :slight_smile:


Hi guys, did you both pass the interview and get to A/C stage? I have my telephone interview next week.


Hello everyone.
I have my interview next week and I was wondering if anyone has got any tips for me!

Thanks. :slight_smile: