PwC September 2011 London Intake


Hey guys, just thought I’d start this up to see if there were any like me out there that might be able to help!

On 26/01/2011 I received an offer from PwC to start in September in London as part of the Actuarial and Insurance Management Solutions Autumn intake. I filled out and returned the forms on 03/02/2011 accepting the offer, and from looking on here and from speaking to various people i know the vetting process takes around 3-4 weeks to do. So since it is now almost 2 months since i returned the forms, i was just wondering if anyone else who has been accepted for AIMS (or any Graduate role starting September 2011 in London) received an email once the vetting checks were complete? Also, have you been informed of a start date yet? I would like to ring up and question this but don’t want to be too pushy at the same time. It may just be that they’re doing checks for a heck of a lot of people right now and so it just takes time…

Thanks in advance for any help or advice!



I’m starting in sept too, in MC though, andall i know is that they have started their checks on me cuz one of their forensics guys got in touch with me as he couldn’t confirm my a’level results from my school so he asked me send my certificates. This was last week and havent had anythin else yet, so im assuming the’re busy with their checks!



Aah cool, cheers for that Abz! When did you actually accept the offer? Was it a good while ago like me or was it fairly recently?


no actually wasnt as long ago as you…i accepted it around mid feb if im not wrong!..have you got your start date?


No nothing as of yet. Although I just got a call from them yesterday asking me why I hadnt accepted my offer after 7 weeks! Turns out it got lost in their system so had to resend all the acceptance forms and pre-employment screening form for the process to start from now. How annoying! Please let me know when you get a start date though… I’m looking to travel South America this summer but frustrating not knowing when to come back to move down to London!


aaahhhh that explains it all then!..yeah got an email yesterday saying the start date is 12th september!..thats just for MC, might be different for your service line.


Glad for people who have got the offer! I am still far away. Got a call this morning and said AC will be in two weeks time. Has anybody been to any AC recently? I would be very grateful if people could help me with the written exercise and group exercise as well! Thanks very much in advance.


Hey ! I applied for HR transformation for this sept intake, london and I have my 1st telephone interview in a few days. I have searched everywhere here, but no one seems to have said anything about any HR roles or if their interviews are different :frowning: I would really like a feedback/opinions about the 1st telephone interview. I’m most worried about the commercial awareness questions, do they ask you about one or will just start talking about something I might not be acquainted with ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated !


Hi Trishb3

I have applied for HR technology for the September intake and i have my AC on the 1st of June.Hope your interview went well.As you rightly said that there is almost no info available for the HR roles.Did you find any other source of information with regards to HR technology/transformation roles at PwC? If you were successful did you get a date for your AC yet?



I’m in the process of completing my application, can anyone please advise a good company that I can use for the ideal client question on the application form.




It does not matter what is the profile of the company you choose.What matters is how well do you know and understand the working of the company.Choose a company that you are familiar with and provide strong points as to why do you think it will be a good organisation to work with.Which line of work are you applying for?


Thanks for the reply Saktyage.

I’m applying for assurance.

The reason I asked the question was because last year four of my friends applied and two wrote their answer on Airbus and two on BA. The guys who wrote the answer on BA got through the first stage and the Airbus didn’t. The quality was similar! So I thought BA ones were successful because it was a hot company at the time and was having alot of problems! I would use BA as well but they seem to have solved most of their major issues PwC could help them with!


@ Saktyage: Do you mind if I ask you which company you used? I’m thinking about writting mine on Toyota!


@ Saktyage: Do you mind if I ask you which company you used? I’m thinking about writting mine on Toyota!



I’ve got a first interview with PwC for their actuarial role in London in a couple of weeks.

I was wondering if anyone had been through this process recently and wanted to share their experiences (good and bad!). Things like:

What the interview was like?
what kind of structure?
Any questions to watch out for?
How many questions? is it based on their global competencies?
How long it took them to hear back?
Were you interviewed by an HR manager or an actual manager of the department you applied to?

Is there anyone going to interview with them soon?

Hope to hear from somone soon!


Hello SakTyage

I have my AC for HR Technology soon too. Did you make it through? Any tips? Were there all HR & Technology applicants or others as well? Thanks


@iniiva- no unfortunately I didn’t get through.the only tip that I can give u is to be quick in all the exercise.there were ppl from all domains.when do u have yr ac.


Can anyone tell me out of the total questions how many do we actually need to do correctly.I am talking about the tests at AC.


oh no! I am sorry to hear that. Goodluck with the any other other interviews/AC you have. And thanks a lot for the tip - I really should keep that in mind



How was yr ac?