PwC Sept 2010 intake - tax


To my surprise, I’ve noticed that a few sept 2010 starters for assurance have already had their start dates confirmed.

But anyone in tax for sept 2010 start had their start dates confirmed yet?

I was told by a member of HR that my start date won’t be confirmed til june/july at the very earliest.

and pwc embark would seem to support this - saying joining instructions will be issued no earlier than 6 weeks prior to start of employment.



I was told by my student hire officer again for assurance that the start date is 13th September…but that was just in a casual conversation…not yet confirmed.


I read the same post about start dates and was confused too. I start in Autumn for Tax and have not received any dates either.


liyaah2009 - at least we now know we are not alone!


anyone else having trouble accessing the facebook pwc embark app?


Yep I currently can’t access it either.


The odd thing is the app opens on my friends facebook but not mine…


working fine now.


im getting
Server Error in ‘/’ Application.
Value was either too large or too small for an Int32


Hey, I’m having trouble accessing the facebook application from pwc embark. I noticed that others here have had the same trouble. Have you fixed your problem and if so, how did you do it?


No such luck. Was told to contact PWC’s IT team, not really sure how they can help though.


mine is working fine and I use firefox and Windows 7


Now it’s working. Does anyone here know what area of CPIT they are working in?


Hi everyone,

I applied for PwC 2 weeks ago now. They have contacted me last week about my qualification needed to be resent, and that was it. How long does it take to get the reply? Do they contact you to invite you for online test, or is it on their website?

Any advice?



it normally comes in an email form, I would ring them to get an update :slight_smile:


Hi everybody,
Do some of you still have problems with the facebook application?
It’s been one month and I never succeded in loading it. I tried on a Mac, (Leopard), with the last Firefox and Safari, on a PC with Windows Vista and Firefox, and it never worked
I contacted the IT staff, but they can’t do nothing for me…
Do you guys have some tips or advice to make it work?
Thanks a lot


Just don’t brother!! I have had no luck either. For some reason it works on my friend’s facebook account (the app actually appears and asks for the code), but on mine nothing.
Let me know if you have any luck.


That’s so weird…
They asked me for a screenshot of the page where the code doesn’t appear. Sent it to them yesterday, we’ll see if they have a solution.
Thanks for your answer though, I hope we’re not missing any important information…


don’t worry, you’re not missing out on any important info
it’s basically a chance to see who’s joining your office/scheme, where people can say hello to each other

but all the important stuff will be on the actual Embark website.


plz plz plz can somebody get back to me today…i got a offer at pwc but made two accounts and they found out and rang . said it looked bad as i was obviously trying to get round the 6 month rule but they said i got to meet at one of the offices with the hr manager to discuss it… but i said well if there is no hope can i just accept i havent got the job n she said i can withdraw my application … should i go anyone had this happen to them please help i got to make a decision today