PwC Sep 2014 Risk Assurance Offer



I have recently been offered a graduate position for risk assurance in PwC.
I have got a lot of helpful tips from Wikijob, thus, I would like to make some contributions.

I would like to take any questions about PwC graduate selection process based on my own experience.


Hi lucy,

Congrats on the offer. What location did you get the offer from? Also, after your final interview, how long did they take to get back to you?



it usually takes them to get back to you within 3-5 days after your partner interview, but mine is slightly longer as the partner interviewed me was really busy. Good luck for your final interview.


Hi Lucy9j,

Congratulations on securing the offer! I have my partner interview coming up soon and I was wondering if you can remember the type of questions you were asked during your partner interview? Was there a heavy emphasis on the final interview competencies?

Thanks in advance!


Congras on passing your AC.
mine was really a typical competencies based interview, it was heavily based on the final competencies that PwC published on their student career website. However, I am sure you have heard others talking about their partner interviews, and most of those interviews were quite different depend on the partner. Therefore I would not count on just those competencies. I had a friend who had a completely different kind of final interview than I did. so my advise is to prepare as much as you can, because you will never know what kind of partner you will end up getting.


Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m aware that partner interviews tend to be a mixed bag, and there are some partners who don’t particularly rate competency questions and would rather find out more about you by their own means. They do have the freedom to ask you anything they want so it’s impossible to be fully prepared for everything!

Were you asked any commercial awareness questions in your interview? Did they quiz you on PwC’s service lines and how they could benefit specific clients?

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Yes you are absolutely right, the commercial awareness questions, knowledge about the service lines (especially the one you are applying) and how could PwC benefit their clients would be covered somehow in the interview. The approach my partner used for assessing this kind of questions was asking them throughout the whole interview, depending how I responded the questions. For example, I was talking about my summer internship with one of the big bank, who is a audit client of PwC. After I explained what I have learned from that summer internship, she then quickly asked me a commercial awareness question specific to that bank and how PwC could benefit this client.
It would be helpful to go back to your application form and go through what you have put down and make some more research and preparation into it.
Hope this help. :slight_smile:


Hi lucy9j,
Congratulations on your offer.
I am also joining the firm in September and was wondering whether you have given the start date yet?


How long after your partner interview did you hear back? thanks :slight_smile:


It took 2days after the interview but I think I was quite lucky to get such early response…normally it could be up to 1 week i think…