PwC Senior Associate UK- Background Check Process



Could you please tell me what is the PwC background check process like?

Do they contact the previous employers on their own or the reference details we provide them?



Have you got in contact with them since? I am applying as an experienced hire and I know I passed the AC and partner interview. My recruiter said however is still waiting a response from the right business department to approve their offer. How long did it take for you to get the actual offer after the final interview?


Hi- Yes I did get the final unconditional offer recently. The conditional offer (subject to all checks) was given within 2 weeks from the date I got interviewed by the partner. The background check process took about 3 weeks.


Thanks a lot Jeeves, so it seems it actually takes so long. What kind of background check do they do, do you know? (what kind of information you provide them with?)


They’ll ask you to provide your work history for the last 3 years (position and dates worked), univ degree details and professional certifications. Then these details will be cross checked with your employers and university independently.


Hi Jeevas,
I have received offer from PWC, I would like to know how much time they take for background checks? and to whom they contact? like they contact the relevant line manager or they check through HR? Please let me know…


Congrats on getting the offer. Hereon they will get the relevant work exp details such as position held, duration and the company name(s) from you via a form. You will also need to sign a consent form which authorises them to contact your employers. Bascially a background verification team member will try to contact the HR independently and validate the information you’ve provided. However in case they contact anyone then they will ask you to provide the contact details of either your line manager or HR who can validate your work experience.
Takes about 2-3 weeks- mostly depends on how quick they get the responses back from your previous employers.
Hope this helps.


Thanks alot for that…once they are done with the checks?whats next?basically i m from Asia not from uk…so can u tell me the process after that? like what will happen after the checks have been made and cleared?


Once the checks have been made and they have no questions to ask then a confirmation of your unconditional offer will be sent. You will later be contacted by the onboarding team nearer to your start date (which you might have discussed with your recruiter) to give you the 1st day instructions and agenda.


Hey, I know you probably might not know the answer to this, but do you know how they would check self-employment? I’m a little concerned as I have no kind of paperwork, just a website to show for it.


Maybe give them as much evidence as you can eg- client details who can vouch for your work and any invoices etc.


My background checks started in last week of June 2015 and still they are under pipeline. now in last week PwC legal has contacted me for immigration process but still on board team is saying that my checks are underway and recruiter is saying the same. Furthermore, Nobody has contacted me from screening team for any query since last 3 weeks. So, Do u have any idea why they are delaying?something is wrong with my application or what is the hold. I am quite worried now. Please revert as soon as possible.



I think they might be awaiting responses from your previous employers. In case they have any questions (eg. employer not responding or details you provided dont match the reference etc) to ask they will contact you- so I’d say dont worry and move ahead with the actions you need to complete with legal folks.


I have contacted my previous employers and only one of them has been contact regarding my time over there, and whatever their quires were i have resolved them and i m in contact with legal people but from their side everything is okie…but my concern is that y not PES team didn’t get back to me yet as now its been almost 1 month and around 15 days which is not a normal period for such activity what i have gone through different threads.


I can’t really say much as not aware of your case but having gone through a similar process I’d say it does take time and once everything is complete i.e. your visa etc you will receive a confirmation of your unconditional offer.

Keep contacting the recruiter on a weekly basis.



I got an offer in the last week of June and my screening started in first week of july. one of HR perosn contacted me for some docuemnts such as passport copy,certificates saying that such info is needed to process your PwC sponsored visa.can someone answer the following please

1- will legal contact for more info such as IELTS, bank statements?
2- How much time it takes to process the visa by legal department?
3-when we received the confirmation of unconditional offer?


1- will legal contact for more info such as IELTS, bank statements?

they might contact you for additional documents as required by the application. They wont ask for bank statement and i believe ielts too incase you have a degree taught in english.
2- How much time it takes to process the visa by legal department?

case by case basis but usually 3-4 weeks
3-when we received the confirmation of unconditional offer?

After you have the visa and all checks are complete



They will contact the previous employers and also the professional membership of the body if you any membership.


Can you please tell me one thing,My screening started in the first month of July and so far i have not been contacted by the immigration team. the recruiter is saying that you details will go in this month’s submission and someone from immigration will be in touch around the end of month or beginning of next. when will the immigration contact and what documents are needed to the immigration team.I am very much worried as i have not been contacted.



Hi jeeves

thanks for your help. can you tell me one thing one of the memebr of onbarding team asked me for the docs such passport,certificates, previous visa etc. are these documents for immigration team or the immigration will separately ask for the documents needed to process the visa.Also one more thing, when do they tell us for the relocation allowance etc as these things are not included in the offer letter.