Pwc screening


I’m currently an offer holder of pwc and I just received an email from my recruiter contact saying she needs to discuss something that’s been identified in the screening. But she’s not at the office for a couple of days and I have been worried sick.

I checked my application form again last night and if there’s anything could be alerted is that under the question are you studying towards a qualification or have obtained one, I answered no. I took the cfa test before the application but I didn’t pass, and I thought they were asking accounting qualifications like ACA or acca, cuz I applied for the assurance program.

Another one could be my undergrad grades, I did my undergrad study abroad and the conversion between our system and the British system is very unclear, I’m not sure if I’m the first class or 2.1 so I put down first, it is arguable but I’m definitely qualified for 2.1. They asked me to provide my undergrad transcript and I gave them as well as how to verify it.

These are the only 2 aspects I can think of, I did not cheat or lie, all the statements were true although there might be something I wasn’t so sure how to answer.

Has anyone experienced something like me? I’m so worried about the result and I can’t think of anything else.


Can someone help me please



I think it depends on a case by case basis, don’t be worried as long as you’ve not lied on your application forum I think it should be okay. If they are unsure about anything they’ll confirm that by calling you. Do let us all know how it goes.

Hope this helps and best of luck !


So it might be something that she just needs more information and confirmation from me?

She’s not calling and I’m becoming really paranoid. She’s also not replying my email and I have emailed her twice, I also emailed the hr team to contact her to call me and I left her a msg on her voice mail… Her auto reply doesn’t say anything that she’s not gonna be in the office… Arrr all this stress


Yes, I personally think so. Hope you’re problem got sorted out by now ?


Yes, she just wanted to verify my undergrad score, cuz I did my undergrad study overseas


@iBourbon Hello, congrats for getting the offer! Would you mind giving me a quick run through of the day? Is this correct:

  • Group discussion
  • Group presentation (of the discussed topic?)
  • (Individual) Written Report
  • 1 on 1 Interview for reviewing experience throughout the day

Thank you very much!