Pwc screening


Hi, Just a quick Q to anyone that knows. Has anyone heard of PWC failing you due to errors in you application form.

Basically some of my module grades in my second year in entered into the application form were inccorrect, out of the 36 modules icompleted in 3 years, 4 were entered incorrectly. This was beacause i had to guess my sencond year modules as i didnt have access to my portal after i left university. This didnt change my overall 2.1 grade but i was wondering if anything may happen. Im really worried reading some of the posts on here as i have heard PWC failing you because of this.

In addition I also only entered my immeadiate previous employment as it was relevant and only a few month prior to me completing my application. I ddint enter the employment before as it slipped my mind. kinda kacking it now :S any advice?


Get in touch with PwC and let them know about the errors on your second year grades - it’ll look far better coming from you than just leaving them to find it.

As to your previous work experience, I wouldn’t worry about it - I only put down my most recent as well because staff turnover in my other places of work is so high that I doubt there’s anyone there who remembers me!


Call and tell them about the module grades and it’ll be absolutely fine. I did exactly the same thing and when I called up I got told that they would have noticed the discrepancies but it wasn’t enough for them to withdraw the offer. Still, coming clean will look better than not coming clean, and it will definitely give you a bit more peace of mind if you hear them tell you that it won’t really matter.


Hi Felics,

I have made a similar mistake.

What course of action did you take? And what happened in the end?