PwC School Leaver Tax Telephone Interview


I have a telephone interview with PwC for School Leaver Tax position, I would be grateful for any tips from
anyone else who has been through this process. If successful what’s next, I believe the Assessment Centre is
only for Graduates.



The telephone interview is not as hard as you think you must know your competency question in and out and regards to you application thy don’t go through this the only questions thy asked me is why att and what is att and then the competency question for example tell me a difficult situation or were you work as a team to achieve a goal? what did u do in the team success. could you think you done better? and then about a recent business issue. They ask a lot of follow up questions. best way learn by heart your answers before hand some find it easy to write it on paper and read out which i done but once when i got the phone call my nerves got me lost and i screwed in the interview. mine was for tax Birmingham school leaver program. and by the way the next stage is assment center.

All the best

Let me know how you do :slight_smile:


Wahab, thanks for the feedback, I was hoping there wasnt going to be an assessment centre, if thats the case there doesnt seem to be much difference between the graduate entry compared to the school leaver entry.


Anyone else with any experience of this process?


I applied for an internship, but there were school leaver applicants at the same assessment centre as me. If I remember correctly, the undergraduates and graduates are in one group, and all the school leavers in another. Both groups did the written report together, based on the same information. Then, the graduates went for their group discussion, whilst the school leavers did a numerical and verbal reasoning test. After that, the school leavers did their discussion and the graduates did a DIFFERENT numerical test, but instead of a verbal reasoning test, the graduates did a logical test (diagrammatical).

As for the telephone interview - prepare good examples that can be used to answer more than one question. I recommend you have these is bullet pint on paper in front of you. Make sure you have 2 good business articles to talk about. You won’t be allowed to talk about the same issue if you get to a partner interview by the way.



Thanks for the feedback, let me know how you get on.

As for the written report, any clues on what it was and what needs to be done and regarding the numercial and verbal reasoning tests
are they the same type as the SHL ones which I already had to do.



I have actually already recieved an offer (and accepted it).

For the written report, you genuinely will gain zero advantage by knowing the topic in advance. Most important thing is to keep track of time, skim read parts of the booklet that seem very wordy, and have a good structure to your report. You will be making a recommendation, so be sure to:

  1. outline all the options
  2. select one to recommend
  3. support your recommendation (and, ideally, say why you have chosen it over others)

I would also recommend focussing on numbers from the booklet and try to bring that into your report.


I passed the telephone interview and have scheduled an assessment day, any other tips from anyone.


Happy to find someone who applied for the internship program.It’s my first time to apply. It’s a surprise to find that there is no open question in the application form. I’m also wondering where to upload my CV and cover letter. Could you please share your experience of this part? THX


Well now that you passed through the interview stage, why don’t you tell us the questions that you were asked.