PwC school leaver Assessment day


I’ve got an assessment at Pwc school leaver programme for corporate tax. Any tips for the day please?


For the written assessment, make sure you look up how to structure a business report and remember it’s not an essay. You may end up doing an individual assessment, rather than a group one if there aren’t three school leavers at your assessment day - when I did mine there were only two of us and the rest were grad applicants.
Also, the two tests, I found to be pretty easy. If you practice tests online and pass those you should be fine with the ones on the day, as the school leaver tests are different to the grad ones (i.e. easier IMO).

There’s not too much else I would add to waffles’ post. Remember that you aren’t competing with anyone else at your AC either, everyone there should be applying for a different position/office.


Hi United,

Congrats on getting to the AC.

Numerical/Verbal reasoning - use sites such as SHL and AssessmentDay for free tests. If you can, print the tests out and do them with a pen so you get used to timing yourself under the same conditions as you would at the AC.

Written assessment - the main things being tested are the language you use, grammar and punctuation, structure and clarity of writing. Practice writing a lot in a short amount of time, make sure you are able to read quickly through a lot of information and are able to select essential pieces of information.
It is suggested to use the following structure for your report: Intro; Option 1 - list of pros and cons; Option 2 - list of pros and cons; Option 3 - list of pros and cons; Conclusion. Make sure you use headings for each section and use the facts/figures provided in the information booklet. Keep a close eye on the time, it’s very easy to spend most of your time reading the information and leaving yourself with less than 10 minutes to write the report. I suggest taking the first 10 minutes to skim read the booklet and the remaining 20 minutes to write your report.

Group assessment - read through your unique information sheet carefully and ensure you pick out the important bits of information. If you can, try to remember and call people by their names.
Speak your opinion but try not to dominate the discussion; remember, you have to be seen to be working WITH the rest of the people in the group, not against. Try and encourage people to contribute to the discussion by asking for their opinion if they are a little quiet. It’s not particularly important if you end up choosing the “wrong” solution, just make sure that you have a good discussion of each of the options, weighing up the pros and cons, giving key figures and calculations.
Keep an eye on the time; if you can, try to remind the group that you have only 30, 15, 10 or 5 minutes left. You’re not expected to take minutes, but show that you are aware of keeping to the time limit.
I realise that this one sounds obvious, but try to maintain eye contact with people who are speaking. You’ll be surprised at the number of people who do not do well at the AC and are told that they failed to maintain eye contact with people when they are speaking because they were busying themselves with taking notes.

Most importantly, relax and enjoy yourself, the other candidates will be just as nervous/anxious/excited as yourself. As long as you see this as an opportunity to work with other people rather than competing against them, you’ll do fine.

Good luck.


Cheers Waffles247 and avfc51. Really appreciate the comments.
Have you both had experience of this AC day with PwC


Has anyone else have had an AC for school leavers recently? Please share your experiences… Many thanks


Yes, I had my AC around April/May, passed the partner interview and received an offer.


How did you prepare for the AC day?
What did you do to practice for the numerical and verbal tests?


Have you got any tips on the partner interview?


Make sure your accurate, if you don’t know the answer don’t guess, just move on to the next question?

Are you a school leaver, where and what have you applied for?


I applied for assuarance in Nigeria. I am not a school leaver. have u taken ur own? am scared.


Please any tips on pwc interview questions?


What have u applied for.
is it Grad or school leaver


Graduate . Are u with PWC? Any tips on the interview?