PWC & Satyam


I have an interview coming up with PWC and was wondering what opinions were out there about mentioning the Satyam ordeal if asked about any recent activities effecting the firm? Not sure if this would shed a negative light on me…


Sure - you can ask about it.

You should say something like: “How will negative activities such as Satyam in India affect the global PwC brand?” – or --“Do you think the actions of PwC in other countries will affect PwC’s reputation in the UK specifically?”

PwC’s operations in other countries are pretty much separate entities. Although PwC in India and PwC in USA share the same name as PwC UK, they all operate pretty much indepently - so asking about the unscrupulous practices of PwC in India doesn’t put you in a bad light. PwC India is not PwC UK and your interviewer will most likely explain this in their answer.

Good luck!