PWC Salary Rise


Hi All,

Can someone enlighten me what the salary rise is like with PWC over say 1-3 years before one gets their qualification?
How is the salary rise determined?


I assume you mean London based Assurance? From 2015 my understanding is 28,30,34,46,48 being the numbers for the first 5 years with the firm. After that is negotiable. Bonus from y2 onwards is dependant on your rating.
Other lines of service will be different.


Hi mate,

Do you know amount of bonuses? Are they taxable?


So pay only rises significantly after you ‘ve got the ICAEW membership (at the 3 years’ mark) then ?


Yes exactly


Circa £500 - £1500 early on and yes taxable.


depends whether it is is London or out of London - my london pay is £27250 + £2000 in benefits


thanks for the info . The salary is 27,250 right? What does the 2000 GBP cover? They are not added to 27,250 directly? like EY is giving 27,150 for london audit


The £2000 covers taxable benefits and also pensions and they give you a wide range of benefit options … how much does EY give?


Hello members, I am very new to this forum. I would like to know the salary break up of a manager audit in a big 4 in London. Glassdoor range is around 55k so does this include car allowance which is normally 4.5 to 6k? or the car allowance is part of benefits hence the normal salary is 55k+4.5k. Thanks, really appreciate the help.


At the PWC offices it generally starts round 58k with a car allowance included I believe. But if ur working in London then a car is not needed as public transport will suffice. If it’s a regional office then it’s a different story but having your own car is a choice too