PWC Risk Assurance Services


Hi Guys,

I have a first round interview coming up for PWC Risk Assurance Services in London in a week.

Have any of you guys been through this particular interview before?

Do they ask the same questions as they would as in an assurance interview, or would they ask some different - or more, questions?

The reason I ask is because although there are lots of posts on first round PWC assurance interviews, there doesn’t seem to be that much on Risk Assurance Services. Have I not been searching properly?

If I read most of PWC’s website and read some of their handouts, will this be enough? I’m worried because I can’t find much info on Risk Assurance Services on the net other than what’s on their website.




hi, JohmSmith,

i am applying for the same position as you. it’s April 2009 london intake. when did you pass the online test? how long does it take to get the inteview date arrangement?

i got an email from PWC on Monday 02/02/09, which said i passed the online tests. but the interview date to be confirmed shortly. but i haven’t got any news from them for a week. i did get a missed call on Friday without any voice message. i am not sure whether that’s from pwc.

regarding your question, i think the most interview questions are no different from the ones in Assurance. for RAS, i am preparing something like: why this role? what do you think your daily work? your ideal client.


Hi Cityapril,

Yeah, it does take them some time to arrange a first meeting, because I think it has to be with someone who knows about RAS and not just assurance. That’s probably why they take along time to get back in contact with you.

As to the specifics there isn’t really that much out there. Have you been able to find some links / info?


i got nothing new. i just googled ‘Risk Assurance Services’. lots of information out there.
as my understanding, this position is about: audit+I.T+security+finance. so it’s demanding in the city.

pwc 2008 annual report mentions:
‘we enjoyed strong growth in risk assurance services within our private and public sector businesses.’

btw, when will you go to interview? are you applying for april or autumn 2009 intake?


hi, JohmSmith,

how was your interview? i hope you’ve done well!


I work in RAS in the regions for PwC. The majority of RAS work at our level is looking at ITGC’s (Information Technology General Controls). For example, if a computer system is supposed to prohibit access to certain users, you test the system to make sure it doesn’t let you do something. Or, if there is a system generated report, you verify the automatic and the people based controls around it. Eg, who has access to it, who can input data, change data, etc. Where the report gets the information from and what controls are in place to ensure the information is accurate. Then may be who has to sign off the report once it’s complete and verify that this has been done in x y z months.

These controls are crucial to the audit process so, whilst not audit specific, they are used by auditors as they can then use the information on the report and have comfort it is accurate so lessens their work load.

RAS as a department has much more to it such as Data assurance, SAS 70’s, internal audit and the like but it is really ITGC’s that a graduate will focus on.

Good Luck!!


Hi everyone,

I have a RAS/assurance interview coming up on the 14th september at Union Street in London. i am appying for the April 2010 intake.
Can anyone offer me some tips on the type of questions they ask in this particular interview please.

What i am struggling on is the competancy based part of the interview, i am struggling to come up with well constructed answers for times i have worked in a team and times where i have been given feedback. any suggestions.

How did your interview go JohmSmith? i know it was long ago, did you get the job in the end