PwC Risk Assurance Internship 2014


Online tests: Numerical and logical were fine since I’d put in a fair amount of practice into these. The personality test I failed first time since I was scared to contradict myself. Luckily I was able to it for a second time and I avoided worrying about contradicting myself so I managed to pass through to the next stage.

Telephone Interview:
The questions they asked from what I remember:
Why Risk Assurance and what I knew? And why not another sector?
why Uxbridge?
A time when I had to make an ethical decision
A time when I was made to do something I didn’t want to do
Ideal client and how PwC could be of service to them?
I’d advise just doing your research and since it’s over the phone, take advantage of being able to have material infront of you.

Assessment Centre:
Written Report
You read a booklet of information and summarise it within 20minutes. The report goes through the different options available and then you voice your opinion on which solution you recommend at the end (remember this). My feedback was that I hadn’t really structured it like a report should look and didn’t include figures. So remember that.

Numerical and Logical
It’s just like the online tests so just practice.

Group Exercise
You have time to read the booklet of information and the particular case study you have. So make notes and workout key figures such as the budget.
Discuss different options a company has for sustainability. You go around and explain these particular. The advice I’d give is be friendly and definitely voice your opinion but also allows others to speak and encourages others to join in.

Overall the assessment centre isn’t as nerve racking as expected.

Final Interview
It was all competency based. Questions:
Why PwC? What do you know about Risk Assurance? Why Uxbridge?
A time you persuaded someone to your way of thinking
A time you exceeded someones expectations
A time you learnt something
A time you were put outside of your comfort zone
A time you pushed yourself
A time you built a relationship - expanded a lot on team work
The partner was really nice and put me at ease but it took me a few minutes to settle down. So potentially showed too many nerves in some of my answers.

I’m still waiting on the response but even if I don’t go away with an offer, I’m really glad I had the experience. This was the first application I had done and the first of each stage I had done, so I feel like I’ve learnt plenty for the next time I apply for something else. Hope this helped :slight_smile: happy to answer other questions