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I’ve recently been offered a position in risk assurance for pwc, if anyone has any specific questions regarding the interviews/ AC etc. feel free to ask. These forums were really useful for me throughout the application process so I’ll be happy to help.

Good luck!


Hi CrystalRose

Congrats!!which domain in risk assurance have you been offered the role. I have a AC coming up next week, although their has been many posts on AC experience I would like to know yours as I have also applied for Risk Assurance too, How was the writing part? how did you prepare for this? Thanks in advance.


Hi Valentino,

I’ve been offered a position for risk assurance in London but haven’t had to decide which sector yet.

The written part was by far the most challenging bit of the AC in my opinion purely due to the time pressure; I actually failed it the year before as I spent too long reading all the info and then only got half way through writing the report.

What I now understand is that the key thing they assess you on is the language and structure of your report, so make sure you use headings/bullet points. Do a brief intro, summarise each option in a sentence or two and list some pros and cons, and make sure you leave time to conclude which option you would recommend! The actual content isn’t half as important as long as you’re consistent with the information given to you. In my feedback they also mentioned I could have used the figures provided a bit more when writing my report.

There really isn’t a lot you can do to prepare for it, you are only allowed to base your report on the information provided to you, not prior knowledge of the topic so there’s no point trying to prepare any content. All I can stress is to not spend too long reading all the info and get writing!! Keep your language clear and concise and give a clear structure to the report.

Numerical/logical test shouldn’t be a problem if you found them ok at the online testing stage.

Group exercise - all things I’m sure you already know: include all members of the group in the discussion, keep track of the time, be polite and professional, address people by their first names. Half way through the exercise you’re given some new information to adapt to (eg. reduced budget) make sure to respond to this quickly, maybe allocate one person to redo the calculations rather than all sitting there with your calculators doing the same thing (that’s one point I was told my group could have improved on).

Hope this can be of some help!


hey thanks a lot. If im not wrong is the report about a company making loss/increasing its operations and we have to provide them with the best suitable option is that correct. i understand that i might not get the same topic but just trying to predict the topic.


I believe that the majority of people who have attended the AC this year have had the same topic so far. Although predicting the topic is fairly redundant, I believe it was based around water conservation.

As crystalrose mentioned above, the content isn’t as important as the quality of writing. While they expect you to regurgitate some of the information from the booklet, the main point of this exercise is to show off your style of writing, grammar, punctuation and the structure of the report itself.


Hi all,
Has any of you attended a telephonic interview for IT Risk & Security and Cyber Security? I would appreciate if you could provide more info on the same. Many thanks in advance.


Hi saz84,
how did your interview go???
would really appreciate if you could give some inputs on the same…


Hi kharbandanuj,

I’ve passed through the first tel interview last week.

The questions are almost the same as the other roles.

How about your application?


hey zknsdtc110,
I have my interview on monday!!!..
I have prepared for the questions as given in this forum… with examples…
jst a bit nervous…
did u also apply for the cyber security one???


I have also been just informed, that I have cleared the telephonic interview and have been asked to book for an assesment day!!!
Thanks guys… the questions were exactly the same as given in the forum…
plus, the PWC website clearly outlines what competencies they are going to ask about in the first interview so that helped…

now preparing for the Assesment day!!!


Hi Gandalf,
How did your AC go ?
Hope you have received the offer from Pwc !
Can you tell me about your AC because I have also applied for IT & Risk and Cyber Security.



Hi Gandalf,
How did your AC go ?
Hope you have received the offer from Pwc !
Can you tell me about your AC because I have also applied for IT & Risk and Cyber Security.



Hey stranger,
Yeah it went very well… I had the partner interview and all the rounds the same day since, I was an international candidate.
I was informed about the result the very next, because I insisted the HR, since, I was only in the country for a few days, therefore if they required any formalities to be completed I could finish those off.

So yeah I got offered, got my medicals done, got pre employment screenings done. Just really waiting for the call.

Regarding the AC,

Just read everything that has already been said in this forum.
there are very good posts in the Assurance posts.

The process is the same as everyone has outlined many times.
But, I would recommend you one-two things.

  1. Just go thru the website and all the relevant sections. It’s like you should know the website and the things that they are looking for, "12 " of them with atleast 2 examples .
    And, if possible try to include as many of those 12 qualities into 1 example therefore making it even more easier for them to select you.

  2. The partner bit, there is nothing you can really do to prepare for that kind of an interview. It is very much dependent on partner’s mood and its more impromptu.
    However, again, he will ask you questions which would be focused around the 12 things that they look out for.

My Partner Interview lasted almost 50 minutes and then he gave me time to ask him questions.


because that shows you take initiative and are curious. If possible ask him something that he might have discussed during the convo (attention to detail and inquisitive)

Its very much of a conversation really, and like i said before depends on partner and his interests.

Also, please do not bluff!!!
if you do, I bet you, he will see right through you.

Regarding A/C I was kinda lucky I would say, I had only 3 ppl at my A/C including me.
So, didn’t really have much problems there.

we had already discussed our strategy for group exercise before hand. so that went well.

rest all was the same as everyone has mentioned already.
an executive summary, numerical reasoning, logical reasoning and then group exercise.

TIP. It’s all about accuracy and doing like atleast a minimum of 11-15 questions in each with maximum accuracy. I think mine was 100%. and i only attempted like 15 of them.

But this is only relevant to IT risk & security & cyber security.

if you have any more doubts/issues/concerns feel free to inbox me… this forum has helped a lot… and I can’t really thank enough people on here.


Hi Gandalf,
Thank you for the detailed information. It is a great help.

I think I have to work on my report writing skills.

How tough were the numerical questions. Was the difficulty level same as of the online test ?

I want to prepare as much for numerical exam as possible because I don’t want to make silly mistakes.

Last week I got the call for interview but they have not given me the dates, so I am just waiting for their call. May be its the Christmas Holidays.

I guess things will get going only by early January. Good Luck for your call.

Cheers !


Hey guys,

I got a phone interview next week for " IT Risk & Security and Cyber Security" role at PWC.
What type of questions did they ask, how did you prepare? :slight_smile:


Hi GandAlf

I have a partner interview coming up for risk assurance. I am preparing my commercial awareness knowledge, competencies, and knowing the role. Is there anything else u think I should focus on??


Hi Polly,

Glad that you have made it to the partner round!!!
Many Congratulations!!!

I would say, if you are applying for role “X”, make sure you read about some recent news stories etc.

Remember to back up ur competencies with examples and ofc. knowing the role.

In my opinion, 60% people get through the partner interview round, so its like, you really have to do bad in that interview to not get the job.

Some general Pointers:-

  1. when u enter the room, be calm and relaxed.
  2. Try and notice your surroundings (if you come early to the office)
  3. Be patient and ask for clarification if you are unable to understand.

one tricky bit, if he asks you smething that u dnt knw and are completely dumbstuck or have no idea, mould the question back into a question of your own.

For e.g.
Partner:- do you know about abc?? and how abc works at Pwc??
you:- umm… yes, I did some research about abc, but couldn’t really find out much about it. I was hoping to ask this same question and know more from you, but before I could actually ask the same from you, I got asked etc.etc…

see… its not going to be something very difficult.

He will have ur CV, ur results and everything… in my case he had like a 50 page file.
So, he will know if you are lying or wtever.

His questions would be around the lines of competencies as mentioned on the website for final interview and he would stick to them. When u answer, back up wid examples and try and include as many competencies in one example as u can.

What else, its just going to be a nice conversation about you and what you want to do. Be confident and dont get scared by the partner’s stature.

Some questions might put u in a spot, but they are looking for how u get out of it, what your thought process is.

For me, it was a 50 min interview with 15 mins of my questions… :stuck_out_tongue:

the partner, was working with PwC for 16 yrs… so u can imagine how much experience he wud have.

One final tip, make sure you ask some questions to him at the end. this covers your final competency “inquisitive” one…
try and round up questions you have some idea about.
My question was, after 16 yrs of working with PwC, seeing the ups and downs, how does a person at your level, maintain work-life balance??.. with so much at stake etc.

So, its just a normal question which you can talk around and it shows that u are eager to work at PwC and etc.etc…

I hope it helps and let me end it here before I start blabbering even more.

inbox me if you have any further or specific questions.

Good Luck!!!


Thank u so much


hi everyone i am based in Nigeria. I applied for pwc graduate trainee last yr but i was not successful. I also applied this year for pwc graduate trainee assurance (nigeria) this yr. Does anyone has the idea of the shl aptitude questions i can practise for the upcoming test. I will very be grateful to get a prompt response from a kind one. Thanks.



All AC are the same… ppl from diff backgrounds and diff roles. the no. of ppl at any AC also vary… you can expect anything from 3-10 ppl or even 20… but then they split you in groups etc…

essentially, you are not competing against other candidates, PwC selects everyone who passes their benchmark. So, don’t worry about competing against others…
hope that helps…