PwC Response


I applied for PwC Audit(London office, Apr 2009) on 20 Oct, and they emailed me for my academic details on 21th. So I sent my exam breakdowns to them, and I think mine meets their academic requirment. But no reply after that.

So I wonder if anybody know sth about it, and should I call them?



There’s no harm in calling, and it may speed up the process. I say do it! Otherwise places may be filling up whilst you wait to hear from them.


what is their view on A level resits? Do they still consider your application? Do you think they would find out if you didnt tell them?

ydolem did you provide your results when you applied? If yes, do you know why they asked for them again?


Asked me for the same details this friday, invited me to take the tests an hour after my reply. I say call them.


mypantheon did you put your results in the application then they asked for them again from you via email?


my understanding is they can find out if you did resits, but if your resit grade was excellent then explain why you felt the need to resit, they’re only huma!


Actually I put N/A in all my university grades and said my predicted grade was a first. They emailed to clarify why I didn’t have any results for the first through fourth year at university.


So what did you say? Did you end up telling them your results or saying why you didnt have any? If its the latter im interested in finding out why?

@ydolem Is this the same reason why they asked for your results? because you didnt provide yours?


Thanks a lot for u guys’ comments. :slight_smile:

I worte my exams results in my application form. And Dtt also asked me the same question, but they responsed quickly.

I guess it is because I had studied ouside of the UK before I obtained a master from a university in UK.

I worte an email to PwC today, and hope a good result soon.