PWC rejection


I submitted my application this afternoon for Transaction Services in Cambridge (with PWC) and have been rejected from the outset :frowning: I can’t understand it. I have a 2.1 in Economics and am predicted to attain a Distinction (70+%) for my MA which I recently completed. I have good evidence of team work and leadership, having been a rowing captain, and on the comittee of a Uni society. Could there have been a mistake? I managed to get to the interview stage with Deloitte. If not i’m totally gutted :frowning:


We are sorry to hear that. I’m sure you must feel gutted. But don’t forget that it’s not only what grades you have that matters.

This is an age old question that has been plastered all over tabloids - “My Son got 18 A Levels and is a prefect but Oxford won’t take him”. Don’t forget that many, many (in fact, almost all) people applying for PwC will have a 2:1 or above and some extra curricular activities. So, even though you may seem like you’ve achieved a lot, and I’m sure that you have, PwC will have hundreds of candidates with similar results. It may have come down to the examples you used in your application form, or that you came across as someone who wouldn’t fit in the current team. It may even have been something as trivial as spelling mistakes in your CV/application form. Research the company; if you have contacts in it, ask them for recent developments, main area of focus at the current time; don’t waffle - remember HR department will have huge amounts of application forms to read through. If you can say what is required in fewer words, the happier they will be to offer you an interview.

The best advice now is to forget about the rejection and apply to other companies. Seeing as you have reached Deloitte application stage, I’m sure you won’t have a problem securing another interview.


Thanks shlobadov,

I understand that academics are not the only parameter in the application process, and believe I am a well rounded individual. Without wanting to blow my own trumpet, I am just really surprised I didn’t even get offered to take the tests. Also, I got the rejection only 40 minutes after submitting - so am praying it was a computer glitch… I have checked the print-out of my application and cannot find one spelling mistake. I tried to use varied examples when answering the questions, and don’t think I waffled or digressed from the questions asked. My A-Level grades were BCC, but I have medical evidence to show why they were so low (I had ME for over two years) so I don’t think it would be that. Job hunting as a grad is so f**king depressing sometimes!


“Job hunting as a grad is so f**king depressing sometimes!”

Yep. Too true.

Well the 40 mins response does sound odd, so I’d email them (and exaggerate the 40 mins a little) and ask them to confirm.

Maybe. But don’t hold your breath as even though it might have been a mistake, it’s one fewer application to deal with.


Thanks, i’ll do that first thing tomo (probably after no sleep!) and post the outcome on here…


Don’t worry about it! It happens to the best of us. Just one inexplicable thing in life we’ve got to deal with.


Maybe you should email them about your extenuating cirumstances. Sounds like that wasn’t taken into consideration!


Jungle_boogie (great name btw!) I emailed them and they called me back this morning. I have now spoken to someone who asked about my extenuating circumstances, details of which will be passed on the the person who reassess my application. As this is the only thing they have mentioned to me thus far I am hoping you’re right and that they overlooked the fact I had been ill. In my application I referred to PricewaterhouseCoopers as “PWC” as opposed to “PwC” and worried it was something trivial such as that which led to my rejection. However, apparently it was not because of this! I guess I can only wait… In the mean time, thanks for the support guys :smiley:


Nah nay chance they’d of binned you for something as pedantic as PwC/PWC - just the luck of the draw perhaps. I’ve been accepted through to interview stage with PwC and KPMG and put an identical application into Deloittes but they rejected me, **** happens.


Different firms reject people for different reasons. They all have different things they are looking for so it is not surprising if, for example, someone submits identical applications to Deloitte and KPMG and one is accepted and one is rejected.


Well it obviously wasn’t quite identical but you get the idea.


Hmmm, I had a thought last night - did you have ME during your degree too? I mean, you say you’re on the way to a distinction in Masters, yet you “only” got a 2:1? Is it a recurring ME and if so, did you mention it in your application? I mean they might not want to employ a person who may get ME again. Sounds pretty horrible if that’s the case, though.


imiliano, thanks! LOL.

That’s really good that they are looking into it. All the best and keep us posted. Yeah, it wouldn’t matter if you said PWC instead of PwC. It would if you said KPMG instead of PwC! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


shlobadov, yes, I got a 2.1 overall, but my third year marks were mostly 1sts. Nonetheless, I was happy to receive a 2.1 and not a desmond! I think I meant my A-Levels were only BCC - I wasn’t referring to a 2.1 as an “only” or as if it were a low mark! For my MA (I have actually completed it and am just waiting for my dissertation to be marked) I am on track for a 70% - I receive my mark in December. Anyway, it’s not recurring and affected me over 4 years ago so hopefully this isn’t a concern for PwC now :0 but I guess they could think otherwise. I put it on my application to explain why I had less than the requisite 280 UCAS points (I have 260 excluding AS) as otherwise I would not have been considered at all! Its a bit of a catch 22 I suppose: tell them why I don’t have the requisite UCAS points and possibly get rejected because they fear I will get ill again, or, dont’ tell them and get rejected outright anyway! When I hear the news (good/bad) I’ll post on here :smiley:


Not the best time to apply for TS. All the big4 are either freezing or cutting down on TS and CF grad recruitment.


I have BBC, spot on the 280 but have extenuating circumstances too

Today i got through to deloitte to do the online tests who require 300 ucas points, but today I also got rejected by baker tilly who require the 280 ucas points that i have.

Strange strange happenings.


Hey guys,

I just got asked to sit the online tests :smiley: Turns out it was concern over my A-Levels, and it appears whoever first read my application didn’t read the “extenuating circumstances” part - which I had completed in great detail!! Someone called me up and I had to explain my experience, and how it affected my grades, etc.

Good luck to you all!


Good to hear you got through. I sometimes wonder if anyone at the Big 4 ever actually reads the application forms! I was at a first interview the other day, in which the manager interviewing me consistantly made incorrect references to my background. It very much appeared like a 30 second skim through was all that my form had been afforded haha…


i can guarantee there is a 30 second skim through the application form.


hey noob,
I am planning to apply for a audit or restructuring role at KPMG or EY…but the problem is I hav a C grade in GCSE maths…do u think my application will be rejected??
but i got highest grades in A levels(Business studies, economics,statistics),a First degree in business and finance and now i’m studying for a MSc at Edinburgh Uni… i’m worried because i got a rejection from PwC…