Pwc - rejected on second application


Can anyone advise me on this?

I’ve applied to PWC before and got to the interview stage. Now, I applied again and got rejected on application stage.

I’ve tried to call recruitment helpdesk, and they said" we don’t give feedback" ( shut me up, end of question!!)

I’m bit frustrated… and surprise because it was the same application i make first time, with more experience and qualification this time as well!

any advise will me appreciated.


me again! Just to keep update what happened after the above.

I went on CHAT LIVE on PWC website and got to chat with one of the on-line advisor. Then i was told because the example I gave on teamwork question was weak!! And they have raised the benchmarks this time. So this is why I pass on the first application and not this time.

Anyways, at least this got me to understand WHY I was unsuccessful.