PwC Recruit Scheme


Hi All,
I have been told I have had my application diverted through the recruit scheme, so have to attend an assessment day to do physcometric tests and conduct two 20 minute interviews with managers. Subject to being successful here, I will need to attend their weekend of outdoor activities where they assess team skills etc. etc. Does anyone know what I should expect from the interviews? I had been told by PwC staff the exact format of the telephone I was going to have, but now have no idea what kind of questions to expect. Anyone have any experience of this process?



Hi zola89
I’m going through the same thing, have you had the assessment day yet? I really am not sure what to expect.


This is new for this year so there won’t be many people who can help!!! I believe it’s a similar format to the partner interviews on a grad recruitment assessment day, so read up about those on here.

The point of this is that, should you get on the scheme and impress at every level, eventually you will be offered a place on their grad recruitment scheme, without any further interview. Thus, you need to be interviewed in the same manner initially.

Should you get on the scheme, just remember you will be assessed at every point. Enjoy and have fun but don’t do anything too stupid. Good luck!!!


Hey anyone been on the weekend and can report what it was like?.. also anyone attending this weekends programme like myself?