PWC Public Sector Assurance


Hey All,
I’ve had a look through a few of the forums and can’t seem to find an answer for my questions.
I’ve been invited to an assessment centre for a Public Sector Assurance role and I’m nervous about my commercial knowledge…
Does anyone know of any areas I could discuss currently in the media that would have an effect on this area of assurance? Obviously I know a bit about the credit crunch but I don’t want to sound just the same as every other interviewee

Also can anyone give any guidance if they have any knowledge whatsoever in the public sector assurance area…as I am going in more or less completely blind! I have an interest but would appreciate any help from anyone else who works with or in this dept at pwc?!

I want this job sooooo bad so any help would be much appreciated!


Well, for one [[PwC]] could do an [[audit]] of the MP’s expenses!


In Public Sector Assurance they basically audit departments in the public sector- councils, NHS etc. Unlike say financial services audit, this job is very much 9-5.

Are you familiar with the general concepts of [[audit]] etc?


Yes I’m familiar with all of the basics behind audits etc, I can’t have done too bad in the interview as I’ve been offered the job! I’m mega happy! I mentioned the MP’s expenses in the interview and it seemed to go down well! Now I’ve been told to research client services offered by PwC before I begin in September so thats next on the list! Thanks for your response, its much appreciated!


Well done! High five! :slight_smile: