PwC pre screening


Hi all,

I am very happy that PwC offered me a place just one day after my final interview. I was interviewed by a director in BCM.

Before sending the executed offer letter, I would like to seek advice from people who has worked for PwC or been offered a place.

I am working with a Corporate Finance firm at the moment and would like to continue to work with them till March (I am in April 2014 intake). If I scan back the screening consent, when are they going to contact my current employer ? Any thoughts or experience? Basically, I don’t want to live on my saving…if I have any…

Many thanks,



Hi Steven,

Are you joining as an experienced hire or a graduate?
For experienced hires, PwC will have asked your permission and for specific contacts in terms of references etc. It is absolutely reasonable to ask PwC when they will be contacting your old firm so that you can inform them first. You could even request that they delay this a little if you want to give your notice in a bit later and keep your savings!
If this is a graduate role I’m not sure they will contact your previous employer? This hasn’t been the case from my experience.

I hope this helps! Good luck!