PWC Pre-employment vetting



I have lied on my CV stating that I have worked at my current place for 1 year and 4 months when I worked only for 4 months. Back home, we never had background searches done unless it’s for a director job or so and so. Now I am worried if PWC will find out that my experience from back home was not true. Anyone can help?


What was the reason for adding the extra year in the first place?

And what stage of the application process are you at?


Your username lol. Why did you lie? I assume it was intentional and not an error with the dates.


They do ask you to provide reference for your current workplace so you are putting yourself in a risky position here.

That said they never contacted my workplace (unless my director somehow did my reference without letting me know). Maybe they didn’t need work ref for a grad scheme, or just check work reference on a sampling basis. Or they gave up after a while because my company didn’t speak English.

It is really a judgement call here. As an auditor I would suggest letting PwC know - honesty is one of the key qualities in this profession after all - but maybe wording it nicely and explained the reason why you omitted that detail. Unless you are applying for an experienced hire position, your work experience is not that important so you shouldn’t have lied from the first place. But now all is said and done, I can’t give any advice other than being honest.


I think that’s excellent advice @okigen