PwC Pre-employment vetting checks


Hi there,

I’ve recently received an offer from PwC for September 2011. I feel so lucky to have been offered this position that I’m constantly thinking of ways where it could be taken away from me! One of which is the pre employment checks. I have just found two accidental mistakes s on my application form. Nothing major - a job I had on my GAP year I said finished in February instead of March 2007 and I said I started secondary school in 1998 rather than 2001 (no idea why). However I have heard horror stories about peoples offers being withdrawn for minor reasons.

I have already done an internship with them in the summer for which I had to sign a pre employment vetting form. So I think they have already done a background check on me. However, they sent me another one to sign in my recent contract.

Does this mean they will do another check?
I will be speaking to them in the next few days so I think it is wise to let them know about the mistakes.



I think you are worrying over nothing. You could tell them you put 1998 by mistake re secondary school. But as you have already been working with them I wouldn’t be worried at all.
They’ll be checking your exam results not your school dates!!
I expect they will do another check to bring it right up to date.
Well done on the job offer. It’s not luck, it’s the effort you put in and your CV.


hi, I am just wondering does pwc check on my credit score?


Great Job on getting through to PWC.

I am actually looking to join PWC in April 2010 also and just wanted a bit of information on your process. I have just sent my application and I have been asked to complete an online test. I was wondering if you could tell me how hard the test was and do you have any tips and advice? Are there any sites which have similar aptitude tests?

After you test were you invited to a telephone interview and then assessment centre? If so what did the assessment centre entail? Was the telephone interview mainy competency question based?

Thanks in advanced, Id really appreciate if you would be able to let me know!


I’ve also been offered a job with PwC and know that they’re currently conducting background checks:

I’m aware of 2 mistakes on my form, both due to poor memory function(!) and consisiting of dates that are 1 month out on jobs from a couple of years ago. I really don’t know if this is something to lose sleep over… I wish they would hurry up and finish the process so I can either start job hunting again or actually relax.

Any advice much appreciated. And best of luck lqyacb!


Hey guys, one quick answer and a quick response would be great. Do pwc only check the jobs you put down in your application form or will the hunt out all your jobs you’ve ever done? I did some work helping out a friend at a bar very briefly but didn’t put it down as it was only one or two shifts here and there and didn’t really see it as a proper “job”. Dont want it to affect my chances if they find out though!

Many thanks.


I’m also going through the pre-employment checks. Do you know how long it usually takes for them to complete the check?
I did my GCSE equivalence in China, not quite sure how they’re going to check that. Do they actually contact the school, ask them to provide my grades?

Many thanks!



I did not hear anything from PWC for 3-4 weeks after sending the contract.
Finally last week I heard from them on my joining date.
So I would believe they give joining date only after checks are complete.

Hope this helps.



Hi xxconsulxx
Congratulations! I had some problems sending my forms over, they first said they haven’t received my forms attached in email. I sent the forms again and get told I’m supposed to sign the preemployment form by hand, and then scan and attach to email.
Did you get confirmation when they have received the forms?
Did they notify you the joining date by phone or email?
I have AC for other big fours coming up, not sure if I should turn them down before I get final confirmation from PwC.




Well I did get a confirmation from them, but not right away maybe 2-3 days later, don’t remember exactly now.
They first called me and then sent an E-mail for confirming the start date.

I would say go ahead and give the Ac (as you never know) and moreover interviews never harm they make you learn more :slight_smile:



Hi xxconsulx,
Are you joining in April 2011 or in September next year? Because, I have an offer from Assurance London for Sept 2011, and, HC Direct reckones that I will receive no notifications at all till closer to my start date, not even after the checks are complete. If you are starting in Sept 2011 and have been informed of your joining date, i think i should be worried! :S


Hello bathGrad

Don’t be worried because my joining is for the April 2011 intake. I am sure you will receive notifications close to your joining date. :slight_smile:
Hope this helps.




How soon after your online medical questionaire did you receive your start date?



Hi bathGrad2011,

I received a acknowledgment of acceptance letter today, with the link to the PwCEmbark website. I thought it meant the pre employment checks are completed, then I called HC direct, they told me the letter is for my information only, and the checks are not completed. They said they’ll send me starting date when the checks are done (might take 21 days).
Not sure if we have to wait until close to starting date.


Yes the acknowledgment and access to website is just part of process and does not ensure that your pre employment checks are completed.

It might take around 3-4 weeks to get the starting date after submitting all the forms.

Hope this helps.



Is this 3-4 week period after accepting the offer letter or after the medical questionaire?

Has anyone else completed the medical forms a few weeks ago.



Is this 3-4 week period after accepting the offer letter or after the medical questionaire?

Has anyone else completed the medical forms a few weeks ago.



Is this 3-4 week period after accepting the offer letter or after the medical questionaire?

Has anyone else completed the medical forms a few weeks ago.



Hi rainbow22,

As far as I can gather from xxconsulxx’s post, only the start date has been informed. That however doesn’t imply that the pre employment checks have been completed (unless ofcourse Im missing that point). But, if HC direct has said that they’ll contact you again after the checks are done, it is completely the opposite of what I have been told (about not receiving any communication till its closer to Sept 2011). There seems to be a lot of uncertainty with regard to this issue!

I was made the offer during late October and received a confirmation of acceptance prior to the start of November. Till, date, that remains the last email that I have received.



Tell me about it…