PWC pre employment screening


Just a quick Q to anyone that knows. Has anyone heard of PWC failing you due to errors in you application form.

Basically some of my module grades in my second year in entered into the application form were inccorrect, out of the 36 modules icompleted in 3 years, 4 were entered incorrectly. This was beacause i had to guess my sencond year modules as i didnt have access to my portal after i left university. This didnt change my overall 2.1 grade but i was wondering if anything may happen. Im really worried reading some of the posts on here as i have heard PWC failing you because of this.

In addition I also only entered my immeadiate previous employment as it was relevant and only a few month prior to me completing my application. I ddint enter the employment before as it slipped my mind. kinda kacking it now :S
any advice?




I personally have never heard of anyone failing the pre employment checks, but then, I’ve never heard of anyone who was missing the relevant information. I know that their checks can be pretty thorough, but I don’t know to what extent. Your best bet might be to give them a call and explain your situation.

Sorry I can’t provide more help, but best of luck with your application.



I hope that you’ve already got it sorted. If not, tell them before they find out. They can be very strict with these things and of course, it also depends on how incorrect your entries were. If they were simply 65 instead of 64.8, they wouldn’t bother as I know of people who rounded up marks and didn’t get into any trouble. On the other hand, major discrepancies can be a problem. They asked me to justify why I hadn’t declared an A level result (it was their error and I didn’t actually take the exam in the first place and I don’t know where they got the information from), I’ve been waiting for 2 months now to get cleared and it’s still ongoing.

Which office are you going to by the way?

Best of luck


Hey Fluteytunes and felics,

Did you guys manage to get it sorted out in the end? What happened?


Still waiting. What about you?


I recently emailed them to update my grades, I had mistakenly put an AS grade rather than an A2, the mistake however meant that my overall ucas points were higher. So far I haven’t had a reply. Do you think I’ll be ok?

How did you notify them, did you email? When are you due to start, I’m supposed to start april 2013 in the London office.


I’d say that is quite dangerous. How many UCAS points do you have counting only 3 A levels excluding General Studies? If you have enough, they might let you go. Otherwise, I’d say it’s a rejection since you need 300 UCAS points. I’m sure if you have enough, they wouldn’t bother you too much with a mistake since you contacted them before they found out.

I start in September if they ever finish the checks. Good luck


They found the discrepancies and contacted me, then I sent them my certificates to tell them that I didn’t make a mistake.


Wow September and they still haven’t finished! I hope it goes smoothly for you.

I put down 3 A levels accurately (340 points) and mistakenly put down a fourth AS (40 points) which should have been a fourth A2 (60 points) so in total I have 400 UCAS points excluding general studies. What do you think?

Which division are you going to be working in?


That’s fine. As long as you have enough points and told them about your mistake, they won’t make it difficult as you clearly didn’t lie to get past the initial stages. It’s Assurance for me.


Hi pellegrino,

I read about your post on the forum about pwc precreening. I also made similar mistakes and manage to tell them before I received the offer and asked them to update it. However, they still send questionnaire to verify my wrong results.
I have called them ,emailed them basically tried everything. The pre screening told me they only responsible for screening. and when i contact the student recruitment helpline, they said I still meet the criteria and don’t think there would be a problem.
Did you manage to pass the screening? How did you job go?



Hi guys how did it go for everyone?
I am starting to worry i scanned in my pre employment screening form and emailed it to them but i didnt send any supporting docs. What are they supposed to be, i didnt see that i had to at the time and am now very worried!

Thanks a lot!


Hi, I only sent the offer booklet and preemployment screening form. They’ll do the rest themselves.


same here, sent the offer booklet, pre screening form via post.


Cool, did you send any supporting documents or just what you mentioned?
When are you starting and what office?


Just the two… starting sept 2014… assurance :slight_smile:


I haven’t heard back. From what I gather they don’t tell you if they’re happy with the outcome. Ie they’ll just email you nearer the time with details of employment etc. If they have issues I imagine they’ll ask for clarification.
Then again I don’t really know…


I had to get my transcripts sents directly from uni overseas. Apart from that, nothing else.



I have just send my contract back and there doing the vetting. I put the incorrect name for my science gcse clicking dual award when it was a different version, I have notified pwc but does anyone have any exp with incorrect names? Also I didn’t include general studies a level will this flag as an issue? Panicking that my offer could be revoked

Thanks in advance