PWC Placement Interview Belfast


Hi guys. I’ve already completed the assessment centre and I received an email to say that I’ve been invited to an interview. This is just for a placement position which will last one year. The hiring manager and the IT manager will be present as it is for an IT role. What sort of questions can I expect at this interview? I’m assuming that the format for the questions will be slightly different from those asked for a full - time position. Has anyone else done a placement year for PWC?

Any help would be deeply appreciated !


No matter guys. I passed :slight_smile:


Hi Peter, I have the assessment centre this Friday in Belfast. I am going for the Technology Consulting role.

Can you provide me with information on what you had to do during the assessment centre so I will have a general idea of what to expect.

Thanks in advance and congrats on passing your interview!


Hi Mickojh,

I have the AC tomorrow for Belfast for research consulting.

How did you get on on Friday?

Good luck and any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks : ))


Hi Gradu,

Thanks, I passed the AC :slight_smile:

Here is what happened on the day:

The first part of the assessment consisted of 3 written exercises.
We started with the numerical and diagrammatic reasoning tests which were similar to the ones previously taken online.

Then there was a written exercise. We were given a booklet of information and asked to write a report 1-2 A4 pages long based on the information contained in the booklet. (I would advise that you look at the correct layout for writing business reports.)

Lastly for the group exercise, we were split up into groups of 4-5 members. We were all given the same case study to read. However, each group member also received a page with some different information. We were given maybe 20 mins to read the information and then the rest of the time was spent discussing all of the options available and deciding on the best one to proceed with. Once a unanimous decision has been reached by the group then that’s it! There is no presenting of information to anyone, just two of the assessors sit in and observe how each individual behaves when placed in such a situation.

This thread has lots more useful information:

If you have any other questions feel free to PM me.

Good Luck tomorrow :slight_smile:

Let me know how it goes!


Hello I have applied for the Forensic Technology Specialist role. Please tell me what this role is all about. I read the info from their website but couldn’t understand it properly. Please if anyone has experienced about it, then let me know.
Bonus if anyone could tell me How was the final interview as I have yet to give it.


I’ll be waiting.