PwC phone interview?


I’ve just gotten the email saying that I’ve gotten through to the first round of interviews with PwC, and unfortunately I’m going to be in South America til January! Does anyone know if they’ve been known to give phone interviews instead? I realise the AC will have to wait til I’m in the country (if I get through, and if they still have any vacancies left by then, ah, so many ifs), but I’d really like to get the 1st interview done earlier if at all possible. I’m applying for london assurance. :slight_smile: Thanks!


I had a phone interview with them yesterday. wasnt a problem



It shouldn’t be a problem to get a phone interview, I had one in Germany. Just send them an e-mail or give them a call. You need to give them a phone number where they can call you (you chould try to make sure this is somewhere quiet, where you can concentrate), In south America I’d imagine you’ll also need to pay attention to the time difference. Most interviews will be arranged on british time, so you’ll need to make sure it isn’t 3am where you are!

I actually quite liked having the telephone interview, it means you can write down some notes for common competency questions/ commercial awareness on a bit of paper and keep it in front of you for the interview!


Thanks guys, I did give them a call, and have an interview arranged for 3 weeks from now. :slight_smile: Now all I have to worry about is the connection, since the phone lines here are horrendous! I’ll keep that in mind about the notes, that does sound like a good idea. :slight_smile: