PWC phone interview - Pension Audit


passed the online tests and now have a phone interview, I had always thought they required you to come in to be interviewed at this stage but i think i would prefer a phone interview! any one had previous experiences of the phone interview? or do you think theyll be the same questions as outlined under ‘first interview’ on the PwC page? thanks


I just had a phone interview this morning, for Audit, and as far as I can tell it followed the same sort of structure as I’ve been reading about on these forums. Basically competencies, mine was focused on feedback and teamwork, some commercial awareness, where i was asked to discuss two recent issues in the business world that had interested me, and the usual why audit, why london questions. All in all it lasted about an hour, including a brief period at the end for questions. :slight_smile: Good luck!


cool thanks for the reply, just out of curiosity why did you go for audit too?


mainly because it’s good experience, and the ACA is a very useful qualification. i’ve done an internship with pwc elsewhere and felt like i could deal with audit in the long term. i’m also about to finish a degree in accountancy, so i guess i’ve had a lot of time to think about it, and some idea of what the examinations are going to entail. :stuck_out_tongue: