PWC - performance improvement consulting - people and change


any thoughts on this department? any experiences?


Some think this is boring work but I personally think this is very interesting. Very few people get to do performance improvement consulting (known internally as PIC). It’s something that’s quite desirable to get into. It’s very different from audit, and if you were interested in going down the [[management consulting]] line it’s a great start. Particularly if you [[ACA]] training out of it.

What exactly are your circumstances? Have you applied already?


Hi there - I’ve already applied to the PIC positions and have recently been asked to attend a final selection process. Whilst I’m aware of what is involved during the selection centre - I would really like to know what the actual job involves in terms of day to day activities, if any one could help?

My application is for the Government and Public Sector PIC sector, and whilst I’ve got a rough idea of what I’d be doing from company literature and consultancy information, I’m still slightly unsure of what kind of tasks I would be doing.

Thanks for your help!


Mostly working on spreadsheets! Your day to day role will be based in your office, doing modelling and research for you clients, such as:
*Generating a number of ‘what-if’ scenarios.
*Doing research for a project e.g. how much should a new underground line cost?
*Creating presentations for clients on powerpoint that summarises your findings.
*Writing what is know as ‘the book’. This is what the client receives at the end of a project, with all you findings, forecasts and suggestions.

That sort of thing!


just sent off my application today for strategy consulting, wondered how long pwc took to get back to people?..


I applied to them like a month and a half ago. they get back to you quite quickly to sit the numerical text, like maybe with 3 days but as for interviews and stuff the dont respond till after the deadline. That being said however the deadline is today so i guess they’ll get back to us next week at the earliest.


is pic under economics consulting? or is it a general firm wide team?


Hi All,

Any advice for the final for PWC - Performance Improvement Consulting within FS? I have been told I will have a partner interview followed by numeracy, verbal and a case study test… Any tips on the Case Study?

How did you final round go Big Dave? Any advice?




I was wondering whether someone would be able to inform me as to how competitive PIC is in relation to the Strategy Consulting – obivously less so, but is this just marginal?

Would appreciate any advice