PwC Pensions Audit


Good day everyone!

I applied for Assurance with PwC however they ran out of place and offered me Pensions Audit or Tax. I decided to go for Pensions Audit… as it is quite similar to Financial Services. However, I am not entirely sure on its functions and career progression.

  1. Is anyone here working in Pensions? Could you tell me what it is like?
  2. Is it easy to move into other FS sectors such as Hedge fund and Investment fund auditing from Pensions?
  3. What is it like being in Pensions Audit for the first year.? I’d imagine it would be very different from ticking and checking…!

Please enlighten me, basically I’m at the last stage now. I just need to impress the Partner in the interview. I have finished all the assessments!

I’d better get this place now, it’s my 4th time at the final stage with a big4. All I need now is luck! :smiley:

  1. Also, any tips to impress or get on with a partner would be great!

Thank you!! :slight_smile:


Hello happy,

Hope you have been happily working in PwC by now. I am in the exact same situation as yourself a few years ago. I applied for the Assurance but they ran out of vacancies and I had to choose Audit in Pensions at St Albans. I have no idea what it entails and what would they expect me know in the telephone interview. I presume you may know something hence I would be grateful if you shared your knowledge .

Thanks in advance.