PwC Pension Audit .....need help please


hi guys,

just want to say a big thanks to all. i been going through this blog for couple of days and must say that its really a great help for anyone wants to get into accountancy or banking…i am wandering if anyone has applied for pension audit or know anything about it. i am actually applying for PwC Headstart programme for Manchester, i think pension audit comes under I&IM (please correct me if i am wrong) or is it only related to assurance. i am also stuck on the team work question. i read on this blog that the example should NOT be more than two years ago. ive been working as an Asistant Accountant for over two years in a small sized firm and do have couple of examples but really struggling with them…cant figure out how to put them really…can anyone help me with this please…Many thanks


Regards to teamwork it doesn’t have to be work based. Do you take part in any sport teams, have you organised anything with friends? My issue with all these questions is that I didn’t think outside the box enough… I took every question too literally.
On the Pension audit side I can’t help you I’m afraid!


thank you for your reply. i actually did take part in sports(cricket) whilst at college but it was like 8 years ago. i am not too sure if i could still relate that example. i also played in a band and also worked in retail for few years whilst at uni. i can use some example from my retail experience if thats not too old to use. …


Hmmm. If you been working in a small sized firm for two years surely you’ve had some team work within that. I don’t think it matters too much about the size of the team.