PwC Partner Interview


Hey everyone, I have successfully got to the partner interview.

I am just wondering whether anyone else who has also got to the stage could give me some tips on preparation and the types of questions that I will be asked?

Thank you very much!


Hi, I also have a final interview. How was yours? If you’ve already had it?


I have mine coming up. What questions did they ask you?

Thank you


Hi~zahid! How was your final interview? I have mine upcoming in this week in Reading office. Could you plz tell something about your interview and that will be a great help to me! Thank you!


my final interview was good, I received an offer.
There were no set questions, the director just made questions up as he went along.
It started if with why I felt i was right for PWC, and what i would bring.
He then started asking questions about what i applied for (BRS), such as who are the key parties interested in the liquidation of companies. On top of this he asked how I would manage my workload, how I would deal with the pressure.
The hardest question he asked was for me to explain a complex concept in simple terms to him, which he is unlikely to already know.

All in all, it was more of a chat than a typical interview, just be yourself, and good luck.


Thank you! cannot believe that you answered my question so immediately! may i ask one more? that is will they ask you question referred to your telephone interview (eg. the details in the example we talked about?) I forgot what kind of example I talked about so I feel I little bit unsure. BTW. CONGRATULATION!


You’re very welcome, i wasn’t asked anything about my telephone interview, but try and re-cap just incase. Good luck and all the best.



Thank you very much! wish you all the best!!



I hope you’re well. I am a candidate of PwC and I applied for the Data Assurance Graduate Programme. I have a partner interview coming soon. I’ve seen one of your answers about some tips for preparation. You’ve mentioned that ‘The hardest question he asked was for me to explain a complex concept in simple terms to him, which he is unlikely to already know.’ Could you give me more details about this interview question and how did you manage to answer it? Thanks a lot.




hi~xiongpupu, i will have my final interview in the reading office as well. could you please tell me what the interview is like and how long did you wait for their phone call after the AC, thanks a lot !