pwc partner interview - tax


hi, i have my partner interview for the tax program coming up in a few weeks. can anyone give any hints/tips?



have you had yours yet? mine is on friday!


no! i am waiting to arrange. are you for corporate tax? which office?


hi, how was your partner interview? can you share any tips?


Hi - Have you had your partner interview yet? How was it?


Hey, yeah I had mine at the London office. Basically they didn’t ask me any commerical awareness, it was all competencies. I can’t remember the exact questions i’m afraid! But it’s such an enjoyable experience- my partner was so lovely which made me want it that much more! And it was genuinely like a really interesting conversation.
Good luck to you both! Is this for the graduate placement?


utiladreams and cork2, what division within tax did you apply for? I was meant to have my partner interview on Thursday but I just got a call today cancelling it because the partner had a client commitment :confused:

Worried now that by the time / if I get a reschedule, the places will be filled!


Mines the grad 6month placement in London- corporate and indirect tax, then starting the grad scheme in September 2014 (hopefully!)

That’s so annoying for you. Hopefully will be ok though, do you know how full your scheme is already? What/where are you applying for?


Ah best of luck!

I’m applying for a grad scheme in HR Consulting, for 2013.

It says 60% of spaces are open, on the website (but I don’t know how accurate that actually is…?) for London.


Ah I dunno!
Luckily I’ve managed to secure myself an offer- found out on 5th! So happy!


Is anyone applying for corporate tax?


hello, i have my partner interview this week, do you mind sharing any tips you may have at all? thanks. rosie


Basically mine was totally competencies based- so no commerical awareness questions. But I still creeped some commercial awareness into my answers, and my questions for him at the end.
So my advice would be to go over all the potential questions listed here : and make sure you have decent examples for each. Then just make sure you remember them all!
Try not to be nervous- easier said than done as I was terrified! But it’s much nicer than the first interview. Bear in mind that how you answer a question could influence what they ask you next, so don’t talk about something if you don’t know loads about it just in case they ask you more about that particular example!
At the end you have the opportunity to ask questions, so make sure you have a couple of decent questions which they would find interesting to answer rather than the generic questions about the job. I asked just one question I genuinely didn’t know about the job (because mine is a placement with a 95% chance of a place on the grad scheme the following year), but the others were about things happening in the accounting industry which affects PwC, and also about something the partner had mentioned earlier.
Good luck!! and remember that the number of people who get this far is pretty low as their Partners are extremely expensive, so they wouldn’t waste an hour of their time interviewing loads of people!!!


thank you so much! what did you think the main difference was from first interview, except them being more friendly?


No worries!
It was definitely less structured than the first interview. It was as though he knew he needed to ask about the particular competencies, but he wasn’t going through a list of questions which was basically how I felt the telephone interview was structured. So with the partner, the questions asked are based upon the responses you give.
At the beginning of the interview he tells you a bit about himself and then asks you to do the same, panicked me as I didn’t really know what to say other than what I study and why I wanted to work for PwC!
You defintely need to be prepared to just talk about yourself- I didnt’ get any questions like ‘why tax?’ or ‘why PwC?’ but then that may just be specific to me, so I’d over prepare as much as you can if I were you!


Oh gosh, I thought over preparing was the wrong thing. How much time counts as over preparing do you think?


I genuinely have no idea, sorry! I think just do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Everyone is different. I felt most comfortable feeling like I was as prepared as possible but if you’re different then just do what you think is best. Good luck!


thank you, i have been doing it non stop for about a week now, so fingers crossed! thanks for all your help.
did you get asked what client you want to work with? i know i want to say first choice or thompson, but i dont know much about them as a company, do you need to?


I didn’t get asked that! But maybe have reasons why you wanna work for them, or see if they’ve been in the news recently just in case as you would probably need to justify your reason


good luck cork2!! let us know how it goes :slight_smile: