PWC Partner Interview Risk Assurance 2014



I have a partner interview coming up in a few weeks but they haven’t given me a date yet :frowning:

Has anybody had their PWC partner interview for risk assurance yet? What were you asked? I’m interviewing in the London office


Hey mate, are you going for the april intake?


Yeah I am! are you? have you had your interview yet?


I flew in all the way from India for the AC while they assured that they would schedule a partner interview around the time I’m there in London; if I were to be successful. I passed the AC and they couldn’t to schedule an interview. Now, I’m being told they would do it over video-conference. Date and time unknown :frowning:


Hi all,

I’m also awaiting a date for my partner interview (april start), called up a couple of days ago and they told me it should hopefully be within a month, however the October and Christmas intakes would obviously take priority over the april intake.


Hello everyone,

Does anyone know how long does it take to hear back from the partner interview? I have been waiting for 5 working days and still no response… Does this mean I failed the interview?


Kw123456 don’t worry. I would say wait another 2-3days. If still no response, just give them a buzz


I’d give them a call in another couple of days. They seem to be very busy atm, as I’ve still not even got my assessment centre feedback yet, (did it mid September, found out a passed near the end of September) so I guess we all just have to be patient and wait. Just out of interest when did you take and find out you passed the assessment centre and how long did it take them to get back to you regarding a partner interview. Am thinking of calling up on Monday about it. Cheers


I heard from them in about 3 working days although I specifically asked when I would hear back.

I would just give them a ring and chase them for a bit about the results… They are a bit busy at the moment I think


@Hambunny, When is your intake? Did your partner get back to you or the HR?

The student recruitment says they are still processing the application and are very busy at the moment. I am a bit confused as when people finished the partner interview, the result had been already decided by the partner right? Why should the student recruitment team process the application? Is the HR making the final decision or the partner?

Thank you guys


I got the call from their HR (Which I missed, but they were kind enough to leave a voice mail) I guessed it really depends on the partner…

One my my friend waited for about a month before they told her that she was unsuccessful in the her partner interview. Might be just a wild guess but we both thought that they were putting her app on hold to meet more candidates (She was told that she’s a borderline fail). Dont worry too much about it and if you were to be unsuccessful this time, just apply for it again after 3 months :slight_smile:

I applied for April 2014 start


Hey is anyone starting in April???


Me, subject to my pre screening being satisfied…

Did you pass your screening?


not yet! how long does it take from when you return your accepted offer letter?


I dont think they let you know the outcome of it. starting in april too, london assurance :slight_smile:


Hi everyone I had my partner interview on Monday and got a call on Tuesday that I get an offer! I am applying for London - April - Risk Assurance. Seen a lot of my future colleagues here!!

Just want to provide some questions I was asked in Part in. Mine is totally competency questions: Examples that:
when you gave work that exceed expectation
when you persuade other people around your way of thinking
when you improved your work
when you change your work after given feedback
when you provide excellent client service

  • Why PwC why Risk Assurance part (which is vital to prepare as I spent like 15min talking abt it.
    No commercial awareness questions.

Anyone joining in April London feel free to MSG me!! hope to see you guys soon


thx so much for previous experience sharing. I benefited a lot from browsing those posts, i got an offer for assurance 2014 Sep intake serval days ago, after a week’s waiting. To return the favor of this helpful website, i am writing this post.

The partner is really nice and the interview was quite relaxed. Mostly asking questions about YOU as a person.
Tips: be confident( even if u r a non-native speaker), passionate and do PRACTICE a lot.

Here are the questions i could remember ( not in order)

introduce about his role, experience,
why pwc, besides saying its the best and largest,
a time u did sth differently / implement sth new
why this grad scheme
why not HK, why UK ,since major growth are in emerging mkts now
top tier mid tier, which team do u like to work for
how do u adapt to ur life in another culture
what have u been doing in UK recently
my performance at AC. what was the case study was about
how did u learn from ur past mistakes

tips for assessment center:
report—must hv a complete structure, ( with ending!), skim really fast, do not focus too much on details
group discussion: listen and ask proper questions, keep time, maintain eye contact
SHL test: practice a lot

Best of luck in 2014!!!



I had an interview at PWC offices in London about a week ago for an April 2014 start and have not heard back yet. This opportunity is a dream job (as am sure is the case for all of us) so awaiting outcome with baited breath. Has anyone who attended interview in London week commencing 20th January heard back yet?



Hey Mate,

I’ve been waiting since December (although I recently transferred my app from Sept start to April) and still haven’t had the partner interview. Although, I did speak to them on Friday and they said they will start contacting people but as of now there are no dates because this all depends on partner availability. However, since this post have you heard back from them?


Hey there,

Thank you for your post. I have also applied for the assurance/risk assurance position for the London office starting in April. I have so far been accepted to the assessment centre in Edinburgh for the 20/02. Can you please give me some advice regarding the assessment day and perhaps about the partner interview?

Also, I know a lot about assurance; but I am not very clear on risk assurance and I feel I could get stuck on this topic if I am asked
any detailed questions; I would really appreciate any articles or links that you could recommend.

Really appreciate any advise :slight_smile: and who knows, maybe we will be colleagues in April!

Adrian Mizzi