PWC Partner Interview - Data Assurance scheme 2016


Hi everyone,

I recently passed the AC for PWC for the Data Assurance grad scheme in IT and I was wondering if anybody could provide any insight or tips for the partner interview? I’m really not sure what to expect!

Thank you!



I just passed mine for management consulting at PwC. It was very relaxed. We started off by talking about my background. He then followed a script of questions. He asked two questions for each competency. After the competencies we spoke about his background and I asked a few questions. As the interview went on it turned more and more into a convo and we went off topic a lot.


I too have a final interview for Data Assurance, how have you prepared for the interview?
Also, if you have already had the interview how did it go? What questions were you asked?


It went well. I got the offer. Questions: a time you built a relationship outside work and uni, a time you worked a changing environment, a time you had multiple roles on a project, a time you did a project that you were proud of. After the first couple of questions we kept going off on a tangent.