PWC Partner interview - Business Recovery Services 2016


Hi everyone,

I have a Partner interview coming up on the 1st February and was just wondering if anyone can help me prepare, and also share their own experiences at this stage?

I’ve already done quite alot of preparation but just making sure I haven’t missed anything. I applied for Business Recovery Services.



Hi Zahid95,
Hope you got your offer! I have my partner interview coming up for the same service line. I was wondering which office you applied to and how your interview was?


Hi Rob, yes I got my offer on the same day as my interview! I applied for the Manchester office how about you? The interview was really good it was a casual interview, I was asked questions related to businesses going into luquidation, who would be stakeholders? How would you manage all the requests from all the stakeholders? Recent business news? (I spoke about brantana shoes). But that’s how my interview went, I hope yours goes well.


I applied to Manchester but you must have got the job offer as I was going to assessment centre haha! So I had to change office. Thank you for the advice, did you get asked standard competency question like the first interview?


With the stakeholders, did you just mention the 4 different type of creditors or did you branch out to the other stakeholders of the business in general? Also if you don’t mind me asking how did you approach the question how would you manage all requests from all stakeholders? Just there is different ways to answer that, just wondered which way worked best for you in the interview. Sorry for all the questions!


I was asked who would be contacting you in the event of a liquidation, so it was just a brief list like government, suppliers, customers, banks etc, but explain why. And for the requests question I mentioned how I’ve approached difficult and busy situations before, prioritise and empathise with the stakeholders, he also asked me a time where I had to have a hard conversation with someone. For this I said at work I had to ask a colleague to improve their performance. To be honest there’s no structure to the interview, well there wasn’t for mine anyway, the director went off on a tangent and asked what he wanted.

I wasn’t asked any competence questions whatsoever, it was nothing like the first interview.

No problem, I’m happy to answer them. When is your interview?