PwC Partner Interview - Assurance 2012


Anyone had a Partner Interview for Assurance? Mind sharing your experience? I have one coming with the Birmingham partner.



Hi, I have one coming up soon if anyone could share their experience and advice it would be much appreciated!



i had my final interview for consultancy in london last week, and found out yesterday that i had received an offer.

my interview was about 90% competency based, and 10% pwc / consultancy division related questions.

ask away if you want any help!


hey Tayldh congra on the offer!! when you said the interview was 90% competency based, did they ask questions that relate to the competencies in first round interview as well or they mainly foucuses on the last stage interview competencies?




thanks! from what i remember, it was mostly the final stage competencies.
I was asked on communication skills, client service, self development, development of other and sharing, relationship building and personal networks
that said, make sure you have an example of two for each of the competencies they list on the website
good luck!


Hi JL2011,

So when’s your partner interview? Which line and office did you apply to?



Hi Tayldh,

Congratulations for the offer! Do you mind sharing with us the questions the partner asked?



hey Eugene, my will be at the Cambridge office on the 31st for a position in Assurance, what about you?


hey , also just wondering do we get to know which partner will be interviewing us beforehand?



Hey JL2011,

I just asked a senior today. He said that we won’t get to know who is the partner before the interview.





anyone having trouble booking their partner interview? my AC was on the 9th feb in Reading, but I have applied to assurance in all locations, I thought this would go in my favour as I have said to them I will work anywhere and can do any date for an interview, but I just cannot get a date and I am calling them all the time!


Hi Guys,

I was successful in my partner interview, this is all I can remember.

it was totally competency based other than:

What made you choose to go into accountancy?
Why geography?
something like what are you interested in doing in the job? I took this as what team, I said core assurance as it will give me a better overview of the role and the industry as opposed to specialising in a certain area.
Why at this location? - this is because i dont live there or go to uni there so it wasnt about the work they do specifically in that office
At the end after the main questions she just had a look over my application and asked some general things about my hobbies

a time when you have had to build a new relationship
what services do pwc offer
how do they add value to their clients
do i think audit adds value
a time where i disagreed with a colleague and it impacted on our relationship
a time when you learnt something new
a time when you have had to communicate something to someone
a time when you have had an idea of a new way of doing things

This is all i remember to be honest.

It was long - 1.5 hours, but she did a lot of talking, its pretty relaxed and as long as you don’t really mess up as long as they like you you should be fine!


Hey, congrats.

Just wondering how long after your assessment centre did you get an interview? Also what location? When you got an e-mail to book an interview, how far were the interviews in advance?

Sorry for all the questions. Its just been 3 weeks and wanting to know as PwC just keep telling me to check my account.


zebra123 - Well done! Thanks for sharing. How long did it take for them to contact you after the partner interview?

G.R.123 - How long have you been waiting? I waited for more than a month for my final round. The partners are really busy, so scheduling is pretty difficult. I called them every two weeks. Hope you manage to get a date soon, I know it can be frustrating.


3 weeks at the moment, hopefully come soon though.


The first date i was offered was 6 weeks after my ac but unfortunately i couldn’t make it so it was a couple of weeks after that in the end


The first date i was offered was 6 weeks after my ac but unfortunately i couldn’t make it so it was a couple of weeks after that in the end


Hello Zebra. How long did it take for you to receive an offer following your partner interview?

I know three people who have all been offered places and found out either the same day or the day after. However I had mine nearly three weeks ago and am still waiting on feedback! Obviously I haven’t been successful but after a solid month of preparation for the interview I am definitely entitled to feedback.

Has anyone else heard of people waiting this long?

My entire experience of PwC’s recruitment process has been pretty poor. I find it extremely unprofessional for an organisation to wait three weeks without telling me either way! No wonder they are going back to the old recruitment process!


For people that got offers,

How long did it take them to tell you got the job?

Everyone I know that has got offers, heard within 1 day…