Pwc partner interview 2016



Hi guys

I have my partner interview coming up soon for assurance in the Uxbridge office.

I felt like most of the other forums are based on earlier stages of the application process or are old posts and thought that this was an important stage to have its own dedicated forums.

Please can anyone provide any advice or include any questions asked at their partner interviews. I’m struggling on how to prepare!

Thank you!


Hi, I don’t suppose you’ve had your partner interview yet? I have mine on Monday and would be extremely grateful for any last minute tips


Hi, I recently passed my AC and have my partner interview coming up. I also applied for assurance in Uxbridge. May I ask how was your interview going and what question did u get ?
Thanks a lot for your help as it have not done any partner interview so I am quite worried.


Hi, I also have my partner interview coming up. How was your interview and can you give me a hint of what questions being asked ?
Thanks a lot for your helps


Hi, any feedback for these partner interviews would be great.


Anyone had an actuarial partner interview? mines on monday and i dont know what to expect